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There is no conventional football wisdom that says male strippers in the parking lot of games should prevent a team from winning. But I don't think the fact that the Steelers have beaten the Browns 10 straight times and the fact that this gentleman is in the parking lot shoving his show around are completely unrelated.

Now, I've got nothing against male strippers. If it weren't for the Chippendales, bless their hearts, I'd have never been able to afford my first car. And when I think "Mr. October," I still think Dwayne Zackamore, not Reggie Jackson.

But there's something very un-Steelers vs. Browns about this fellow and his orange prune-smugglers and headband. It's almost like he witnessed the creation of Steely McBeam and said to himself, "Hold on there! We might be losing this rivalry in every other way, but they will not out-effeminate us! Honey, get my Speedo!"

Gracias, Busted Coverage via With Leather.

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