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If there are two things that Raiders fans love, it's Al Davis and tattoos. With the news of Al's passing over the weekend, this was only a matter of time:

Al Davis fittingly memorialized with calf tattoo

I don't know what Al thought of tattoos, but I think he'd approve of this. He loved Raiders fans as much as they loved him, and he embraced their image as an intimidating, off-center, perhaps even slightly dangerous bunch -- the types of gentlemen and ladies who would memorialize a Raiders hero with a calf tattoo.

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As Busted Coverage pointed out, it's the first post-death Al Davis tattoo we've seen. I'm guessing it won't be the last, though. Oakland tattoo joints are probably seeing an uptick in business this week.

This one's not bad, as far as Al Davis tattoos go. The likeness is solid, with "RIP AL" on top and a heavily scripted "Just Win, Baby" underneath it. At the very least, it will never be known as the worst Al Davis tattoo in existence.

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