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New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez(notes) took some grief on Sunday for snacking on a hot dog in the middle of a blowout win over the Oakland Raiders. Forget that Sanchez had been ill throughout the week and unable to eat in the lead-up to the game, there was enough criticism that Sanchez felt the need to apologize for satisfying his hunger (even though such an apology was totally unnecessary).

Now Sanchez is going even further. In a charitable, yet firmly tongue-in-cheek, homage to his mid-game snack, Sanchez will donate 1,000 hot dogs and hamburgers to a New Jersey soup kitchen. The team released the news on its official Twitter account:

Mark Sanchez has purchased 500 hot dogs, 500 hamburgers, buns and rolls through A&P to donate to the Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown.

Looking at the prices at the Morristown A&P, it looks like 500 hot dogs, hamburgers and their appropriate buns would run about $750 at the checkout counter (and that's not counting the condiments -- Mark loves his mustard). That's pocket change for a guy who signed a contract earlier this year that guaranteed him $28 million, but it's still a kind, meaningful and amusing gesture from a 22-year-old who could instead be living up to the stereotype of a spoiled, rich-kid quarterback.

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