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The last time the Cardinals and Bears met on the field, Arizona choked away a 20-point Monday night lead and launched Dennis Green into one of the most infamous (and awesome) postgame rants in NFL history. Today, the defending NFC champs got revenge for that 2006 loss and the meaning wasn't lost on coach Ken Whisenhunt.

After a thorough 41-21 dismantling of the Bears, Whisenhunt concluded his remarks to the media by saying:

I'd also like to compliment the Bears too because they played hard and they came back ... And the last thing I'll say is "we didn't let 'em off the hook."

The second-year coach then playfully swatted away the microphone, a la Denny, before walking off the podium. Sadly, he didn't mimic Green's indecisiveness in departing, by far the underrated highlight of the original, which you can see here. Below is Whisenhunt's homage:

You know, some said Whisenhurt truly arrived last season when he led his team to the Super Bowl. I say one truly doesn't arrive until they reference a soundbite in which his predecessor yelled the phrase, "if you wanna crown 'em, then crown their ass" for no apparent reason.

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