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David Witthoft, the youngster who had been wearing the same Brett Favre jersey every day for more than four years, has finally taken it off.

The timing of Favre's retirement actually works out pretty well for the young fellow. He was turning 12, and as 12-year-olds often do, he was growing quickly. The jersey  he was given on his 7th birthday barely covered his torso these days.

And, being 12, he had also started to become concerned about his appearance, and as far as I know, the "snug, faded jersey that doesn't cover the belly button" look hadn't taken hold as a major fashion trend. At least not when employed every single day of the year.

So the streak ends at 1,561 days, and I applaud the young man for his Favre enthusiasm. I can't say I love any player enough to wear his jersey every single day. Not until the Ryan Leaf comeback, anyway.

What shirt got the call in place of the tattered jersey? A red Nike shirt. I have been unable to confirm reports that Aaron Rodgers is visiting the Witthoft household every day, crying and begging the young man to wear an Aaron Rodgers #12 jersey.

The new "longest amount of time one man has been wearing the same jersey" streak belongs to Ricky Polaski of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, who has been wearing a Ben Roethlisberger jersey over a Journey t-shirt for approximately 77 hours. But that's only because he hasn't felt like showering or leaving his apartment in that time.

(NOTE: Obviously, the young man's jersey was washed quite often through the course of the four years.)

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