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The Lions are 4-0 and about to face the rival Chicago Bears in primetime on Monday night. The Detroit players are excited. Detroit fans are excited. Animals in Detroit? They don't seem to care that much.

The Detroit Zoo, getting into the spirit of things, made a paper representation of a Chicago Bear and stuffed it with meat. Hoping it would serve as a preview to some Monday night destruction, they fed it to their hungry lions. Here's the carnage.

OK, maybe carnage was an overstatement. A lot of sniffing and some mild poking, at best. If this is the way the Detroit Lions treat Jay Cutler(notes) on Monday night, the Lions will know what kind of soap Cutler uses, and Cutler will leave having been thoroughly tickled.

There's a picture here of a lioness taking off the little paper fellow's arm, but that's all the evidence of damage to be found.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.

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