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There's been much discussion of John McCain campaign's tactic of attempting to link Barack Obama with some supposedly nefarious characters. Some have criticized the attack, saying that it's underhanded and dishonest. To this point, Obama has refused to do the same thing.

Yesterday, though, someone leveled a charge at McCain on Obama's behalf, and it was vicious. John McCain has been linked to an extremely unsavory, heinous, and unclean group of people.

A plane pulling a banner saying “McCain is a Raiders Fan” flew over Invesco Field on Sunday as fans gathered for the Denver Broncos’ game against the Miami Dolphins.

The liberal group ProgressNow hired the plane to link McCain to Denver’s archrival after hearing about the plans of John McCain supporters to hold a “hibachi tailgate” party in one of the stadium’s parking lots.

Politics ... such a dirty game. If Rodney Harrison and Richie Incognito were campaign managers, it couldn't be any dirtier.

I just hate to see this kind of mudslinging. If you want to attack someone's policies and voting record, that's fine. But I don't want to have our next president be decided by namecalling; especially a name as brutal as this one.

I think the ProgressNow people should apologize immediately, and make it clear that Senator McCain does not dress in tinfoil, stab people with a shiv they sneak into football games, or support a team that the Atlanta Falcons made look absolutely helpless yesterday.

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