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Complete team ratings for Madden NFL 2011 are being released, little by little, at ESPN's The Gamer blog this week. So far, the full rosters for all AFC West and AFC East teams have been released, and so far, no football player on earth is tougher than Tim Tebow(notes).

Tebow's got pretty favorable ratings across the board — 79 speed, 90 acceleration, 62 catching (in case you'd like to move him to tight end), 86 carrying, 88 throwing power and 74 throwing accuracy. Overall, he's a 70, just one point behind Brady Quinn(notes). Kyle Orton(notes), for comparison's sake, is an 80.

Where Tebow really stands out, though, is toughness. In the TGH category — and I find this wholly appropriate since it's such an impossible thing to rate numerically, but what he hell, seems kind of tough — Tebow's a 98.

Of all the other players on all eight listed rosters, only four can match Tebow's toughness: Philip Rivers(notes), Logan Mankins(notes), Nick Mangold(notes) and, naturally, Wes Welker(notes). One point down at 97 are Mike Vrabel(notes) and Patriots rookies Zac Robinson(notes) and Rich Ohrnberger(notes). White people, apparently, are very, very tough.

Tebow is also super strong. His strength rates an 84, which is as strong as or stronger than all of the following offensive linemen:

Sorry guys, you just aren't as strong as Tim Tebow. I know you bench pressed 225 pounds 32 times at your pro day, Rich Ohrnberger, but Tebow, had he chosen to participate, obviously, would have made you look like a pretty little girl in pigtails.

Just be glad that Madden doesn't measure spiritual strength. Everyone else would be in the 70s or 80s, and Tebow would rate a 3,982, and guardian angels would hover over every football he throws, reverently guiding it into the hands of the unworthy, but now blessed, receiver.

Now, I'm not really complaining about Tebow's ratings — a 70 overall seems reasonable for a quarterback taken (perhaps questionably) late in the first round. A 98 in the toughness department seems a tad over-the-top, though. In fact, the whole notion of being able to accurately assign a number to measure the toughness of every player in the NFL is ... well, at the very least, it seems like quite a challenging task.

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