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A few days ago, Andrew Dannehy of the Arcadia News-Leader wrote (ironically, in a column about the over-covering of the NFL) that Aaron Rogers, if he wants to be embraced at all by the fans of the Green Bay Packers, should cut his damn hippie hair.

The first step Aaron Rodgers must take if he’s going to replace Brett Favre is to cut his hair.

Not only does it look awful—and I do mean AWFUL—but he’s not going to endear himself in the heart of Green Bay Packer fans looking like a hippie.

If he doesn’t get his locks chopped, Packer fans should come to the games with “cut the mullet” signs.

Well, even though it wasn't quite a mullet that Rodgers was sporting (and fortunately, much research is available on this very internet), this fellow did get his wish. Myself, I'd hate to think that the people of Wisconsin would let their opinions of Rodgers be influenced by how he chooses to wear his hair, but what do I know? The Arcadia News-Leader has their finger on the pulse of the region much better than I do.

But the fellow did get his wish, and Rodgers did get his ears lowered.

Via Hashmarks:

"Just too much maintenance," Rodgers said Tuesday of this critical turn of events in Packers history.

Rodgers submitted to the whacking, in part, because of a wedding he attended last weekend, but he brushed off a local report that the wedding was his own. Displaying a sense of humor that indicated he is growing more comfortable by the minute, Rodgers suggested that the erroneous report could hurt him with the ladies of Wisconsin.

So rest easy, Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers now has the appropriate haircut to lead the Packers into the post-Favre era. And with that out of the way, we can get back to concentrating on important things like mustaches here, and not over-covering the NFL.

(Note: The picture on the right is Aaron's draft picture, but in the only newly-shorn pictures available, Rogers is wearing a helmet, so you don't get the full effect.)

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