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You shouldn't have to work today.

You shouldn't even have to get out of bed. This should be a day where you can sleep in, sleep off the effects of all the "soda" you drank yesterday, reflect on the Saints as the representation of the best in football and just keep reloading Shutdown Corner all day long.

Today should be a national holiday.

What else brings Americans together like the Super Bowl? One hundred million people all did the same thing yesterday. When does that ever happen? As a nation, what else do we universally agree on, quite like the fact that we should all sit down, eat ridiculous foods and watch a football game? We can barely get the same number of people to vote in a presidential election.

The way we come together for this thing is unbelievable, and that shouldn't go unrecognized. This is a shared experience that binds us as a nation. When we all agree that it's time to party, we should all also agree that it's worth a day of rest afterwards.

I don't even care what we call it. If the government is hesitant to create a new national holiday for the Super Bowl, pick some president or some other famous American, and name it after them. Call it Jimmy Carter Day, Denzel Washington Day, Sully Sullenberger Day, Philip Rivers(notes) Day or Joey Buttafuoco Day, for all I care. Just as long as it happens the Monday after the Super Bowl, and everyone gets that day off of work.

Of course, I'm not the first to advance this idea. advocates pretty heavily for it, and they've got a petition you can sign, as well as addresses at which you can write your local Senators and Congressmen. Look into that.

We've already got the Indianapolis public school system arguing over what to do on the Monday after the Super Bowl. And anyone in New Orleans who makes it in to work on time tomorrow has let their city down. Let's just take all the uncertainty out of the equation and let people do what they want.

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