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Eight former AFL teams will wear 1960s throwback uniforms during "legacy games" in the 2009 season. Shutdown Corner takes a look back (or ahead, if you will) at those throwback jerseys in advance of the season. Today, we look at the 1960 Denver Broncos.

We've saved the strangest for last here in the AFL Legacy Uniforms series. These dirty duds were worn by the Broncos for the first two years of their existence, and until this whole AFL Legacy gimmick was announced, I'd never seen them before. The Broncos switched to the more familiar orange and blue in 1962.

Personally, I dig them. Of course, I also loved the San Diego Padres in the 80s, so that's just me.

But I think it's a color scheme and a look much better suited to a dude who might live in Colorado and saddle up an actual bronco every day. That guy wears brown, right? And if, on a Saturday night, he wants to get gussied up and take the lady down to the barn for a little hoedown action, I think he'd put on a manly shade of yellow like the one you see above.

Of course, we've got to mention the socks, too. Look at those bad boys. Vertical stripes, and plenty of them. You can wear these things straight from the football field to your second job as a rodeo clown.

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