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The graphic below was posted on Reddit Tuesday morning by the user danchan22 and it has since become viral. It shows a circular progression of NFL parity based on head-to-head wins and losses. 

Here's how to read it: Viewing it clockwise, the team that comes first beat the team next to them who, in turn, beat the team next to them. It's not as confusing as it sounds. Look at the Steelers logo at the top. The Steelers beat the Falcons 15-9. The Falcons beat the Bucs 27-21. The Bucs beat the Browns 17-14. And so on and so forth.

This is the same sort of circular logic that college football fans use when they back-trail a team's losses to produce a dubious top team. For instance: Murray State beat Tennessee Tech who beat Jacksonville State who beat Mississippi who beat Kentucky who beat South Carolina who beat Alabama who may beat Auburn; ergo Murray State should be national champions. That's always fun.

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As is this. It's a pretty cool way to spend a few minutes, if only to wonder how on earth the Bengals beat the Ravens. 

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