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Pros: Displays a ridiculous vertical leap in tight coverage to grab passes, especially in the end zone. Can bring the ball in one-handed, even with a defender trying to disrupt him, an ability that makes him play even "taller." Excellent straight-line speed and he cuts very well; hard to match on slants and posts. Tracks the ball in stride from full speed and keeps his eye on the ball to make the tough over-the-shoulder catch.

Extends his hands to grab the pass and brings the ball to his chest quickly as he's turning to get upfield. Has no qualms about going over the middle and into a defender's area; will lay out on these plays if necessary. Plays through contact and looks to get upfield even when he's wrapped up. Sits in zone very well and can glide past defenders to extend the play. Shows a burst to productivity on receiver screens. Not afraid to be physical; will get a stiff-arm out and fight for extra yards. Has an excellent concept of routes.

Cons: Not an especially strong player; at 6-foot-4 and 212 pounds, he could probably gain 10 pounds without losing any of his downfield speed. Can't generally just blast by cornerbacks at the line, though he does have an array of moves to get past press coverage. His ability to break past more physical corners displaying aggressive moves and tight coverage at the line may be a slight concern at the next level.

What he brings to the team: Green has already been compared to Randy Moss in some quarters, and while that's a bit extreme, it's true that he possesses a rare combination of skills that should see him succeeding very quickly at the NFL level. With his ability to jump, get downfield as much with agility as speed, and use his hands to snatch the ball in the tightest spaces, another comparison comes to mind - especially if Green gains a few pounds. Green isn't nearly as physical as a Calvin Johnson(notes), but many of the attributes line up well enough to make him an elite NFL starter.

Is it the right pick? Yes, if the Bengals can figure out their quarterback situation. Carson Palmer(notes) has given no indication that he wants to be a Bengal anymore, but he may change his mind when he sees Green's freaky game tape.

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