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These helmets were the cherry on top of of arguably the sweetest uniforms in football history. But this isn't about the uniform as a whole, it's about the lids alone, and while these are still nice enough for the top ten, they're not quite elite.

The Browns, Broncos, Steelers, and Bills have all had helmets that featured a number on the side (all a long, long, long time ago), but the Chargers are one of the few teams ever to incorporate a number as well as a logo. It's a bold move, and the masculinity required to pull it off was belied by the powder blue of the jerseys themselves.

The Chargers apparently liked them so much that when they recently opted to change their look, they went to something quite similar, except for a powder blue outline-within-an-outline around the lightning bolt, and, of course, the lack of the player's number.

I wish they'd have brought the number back, too. It's a sharp look. The only people who might object would be the people in charge of helmet painting and decoration, and who gives a damn about them? They'd probably be happy for the opportunity to collect a little overtime pay.

The Honorable Mentions
#11: Buffalo Bills, '65 - 73
#10: Edmonton Eskimos, '70 - Present

The 8th Coolest Helmet of All-Time

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