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Dave Wannstedt has since left the NFL (well, they sort of asked him to leave) and taken his woolly upper-lip with him. But the legend started in the NFL, and we will honor it as an NFL mustache. 

When Pitt starts winning more than six games a season, maybe we'll consider giving it up. Until then, that will be considered the mustache of a professional.

If Wannstedt had made more of an NFL impact, he'd probably rank higher on the list. In fact, the man does a great disservice to his mustache by not attaching it to a better legacy. It is the textbook execution of a copstache. Especially when enhanced with the aviators, Dave Wannstedt had a better copstache than 99.9% of our actual police force.

I realize that this entire list is rather jocular, but you could make the case that Dave Wannstedt's mustache will be his lasting legacy as an NFL coach. He probably should be remembered as the architect of the Cowboys defense in the triplets era under Jimmie Johnson. But rarely are great coordinators remembered. Especially when they go on to become not-so-successful head coaches with mustaches that actually have their own nicknames.

We remember you, Wannstache. When we think back on your NFL career, we remember it like this: Dave Wannstedt finished with a record of 0-87 as a head coach. The Wannstache went 82-0.

The Honorable Mentions
#11: Romeo Crennel
#10: Wes Welker
#9: Walter Payton
#8: Joe Namath

The 6th Greatest Mustache in NFL History

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