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Cliff is the closest thing that the NFL has to legendary mustache-wearer Rollie Fingers. Back in Cliff's day, I doubt there were too many NFL'ers who cared enough about their appearance to take the time to curl the ends of their 'stache like Rollie. But you can see Cliff just has a teeny-tiny little bit of upturn going on at the ends, and intentional or not, that adds so much class to the look.

I wonder if there just happens to be some natural curl there, or if Cliff actually took the time pinch the ends upwards. You look at the rest of the man's head, and you think, "Whatever this guy looks like when he gets out of bed in the morning is exactly what this guy's going to look like for the rest of the day." He's got about 28 strands of hair, and he can't take the time to comb them for a picture that's going to be circulated widely?

Which makes the mustache all the more impressive. If he took the time to style the ends of it, and took zero time with the rest of his head, then this is a man who knows that his mustache is the most important thing he will ever do with his life.

The Honorable Mentions
#11: Romeo Crennel
#10: Wes Welker
#9: Walter Payton
#8: Joe Namath
#7: Dave Wannstedt

The 5th Greatest Mustache in NFL History

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