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The logo for the league's first cold-weather Super Bowl will embrace the game's wintry possibilities. Organizers for the 2014 game in East Rutherford, N.J., released the logo at a news conference on Wednesday and it features a snowflake front and center:

2014 Super Bowl logo features a snowflake, GW Bridge

The snowflake is a nice touch, particularly because its presence got the media interested in the release of a Super Bowl logo for the first time in recorded history. The game is more than two years away and the "will it snow?" story is already overplayed. Putting the snow front and center and having NFL commissioner Roger Goodell give quotes like "a little snow would be great for us" is a surefire way to keep the weather "controversy" in the spotlight for the next 29 months.

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As for the rest of the logo, I don't know; it seems like the byproduct of having too many cooks in the kitchen. There's the George Washington Bridge and the Hudson River and the snowflake and "host committee" written in the same sized font as "Super Bowl." The whole thing is very busy. And I get that the logo wanted an even distribution of Giants' blue and Jets' green but did anyone consider that green is a terrible color for a logo that's supposed to evoke an icy feel? Or that when looking at a map, New Jersey is on the left side of the bridge and New York is on the right side? Putting "NY" first may look better and give top billing to the Big Apple, but it makes as much sense as when movie posters have actor's names over the wrong actors. The game is in Jersey, after all.

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