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Most teams that have animal-themed helmets usually have that animal in a fierce, predatory pose on their helmet. The Panther is growling about something. The Jaguar looks equally frustrated. The Bronco used to be spewing something from his mouth, and now he's just sort of elongated himself. The Cardinals recently made their birdie look meaner.

The buffalo on the Bills helmet from '65-'73, however, is just kind of there. He could be asleep on his feet, he could be grazing, or he could be daydreaming about a herd of lady buffaloes. He seems like a very peaceful, non-aggressive character.

I think this is what happened: the Bills held open auditions for buffaloes to come in and pose for their helmet, but this was the only buffalo who showed up. And the photographer and team officials said to him, "Can't you act like you're going to stampede, or growl at someone, or at least stomp a hoof or something?"

And the Buffalo said, "Listen, fellas. I'm an unemployed buffalo. You're paying me in grass. And I'm hungover. I'm going to stand here, and if you want to take a picture of me, that's fine. But I'm not taking requests, and if you don't stop messing with me, I'm going to blow buffalo snot all over Jack Kemp."

In 1974, he was replaced with a cartoonish leaping buffalo, either because the Bills wanted something a little more lively on their helmet, or because O.J. killed him. I miss him very much.

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