NFL wins appeal in Nevada Supreme court, sending Jon Gruden suit to arbitration

The Raiders are on their third head coach since Jon Gruden was forced to resign after several past offensive emails were made public. And yet his lawsuits involving the way in which his head coaching career came to an untimely end are still happening.

The lastest, as ESPN is reporting is a 2-1 ruling by a three-judge panel on the Nevada Supreme court which sends Gruden’s case back to NFL arbitration. Thus reversing a previous ruling from a lower court which said the case could go forward.

Arbitration means the NFL controls the process and there will be no public discovery. NFL has been fighting hard to keep this in place.

The lawsuit accuses Roger Goodell and the NFL of intentionally leaking several offensive emails to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times that led to Gruden’s ousting. Something the NFL staunchly denies.

It was shortly after his firing in October of 2021 that Gruden filed the suit. Putting the timeline at two and a half years and counting. And this ruling is a blow for Gruden especially after thinking this one might actually force the case into the public eye or the NFL to settle to avoid the spectacle of it.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire