NFL wear and tear has Drew Brees throwing left-handed in retirement

New Orleans Saints legend Drew Brees had a tumultuous early career in the NFL, specifically at the end of his tenure with the then-San Diego Chargers, when he tore his labrum and dislocated his shoulder in his throwing arm.

This was ultimately what led to him becoming a free agent and being available for the Saints, however, it was also what slowed him down later in his career. Brees spoke with the media during a press conference for his Saints Hall of Fame selection, admitting that he would have played another three years in the NFL.

Injury on top of the general wear and tear of a 20-year pro career has led Brees to throw left-handed in retirement when playing catch with his kids. He boasted that he can now throw up to 30 yards left-handed, so it isn’t like he feels hobbled when tossing a ball around the backyard. While it is unfortunate to know that his career did come to a halt because of that injury among others, as well as him having to throw left-handed, it is good to see him enjoying his retirement with his family.

After doctors initially warned that Brees may never throw a football again, way back when he initially injured it during his last game with the Chargers, the knowledge that he was able to play many more years and become as successful as he was during that time makes it all the more impressive. Here’s to a retirement with more time for his family and much more recognition for his achievements on the field.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire