NFL votes to flex Thursday Night Football, Steelers voted no

On Monday, the NFL voted to pass a resolution allowing for Thursday Night Football games to be flexed out. It passed by a vote of 24-8 with the Pittsburgh Steelers being one of the eight teams who voted now.

When the news first broke, it sounded awful. The idea of two teams preparing to play on Sunday suddenly being thrust into a Thursday night game on short notice just so Thursday Night Football can get a better matchup.

But it’s not all that bad. First off, there can only be two in a season. Also, a game can only be flexed in weeks 13-17. but biggest and most important, teams have to be given 28 days notice that their game will be flexed.

What all this means is the odds of a game being flexed at all isn’t very good and if it is, teams will have plenty of time to adjust. The big downside is that no teams want to play on Thursday night so if there is a game flexed out and replaced, two teams will cheer and two will groan.

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