NFL’s all-time statistical leaders: Team-by-team top performers for passing yardage

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Here is a look at the all-time passing yardage leaders for every NFL franchise.

This list includes nine current Pro Football Hall of Famers and a number of other quarterbacks who will one day be enshrined in Canton. While some teams have obvious all-time passing yardage leaders (Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, for starters), other teams have surprising players atop their passing lists.

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Arizona Cardinals: Jim Hart

Years: 1966-1983

Yards: 34,639 (209 TDs)

Others: Neil Lomax (22,771 yards), Jake Plummer (17,622), Carson Palmer (17,622), Kurt Warner (15,843)

Notes: Hart played for the then-St. Louis Cardinals. In 1974-75, Hart – under coach Don Coryell – led the Cardinals to back-to-back NFC East titles, quite an accomplishment when you consider the dominance enjoyed by the Dallas Cowboys in the division during that decade.

Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan

Years: 2008-present

Yards: 55,767 (347 TDs)

Others: Steve Bartkowski (23,470 yards), Chris Miller (14,066), Chris Chandler (13,268), Michael Vick (11,505)


Notes: Ryan also was the 2008 offensive rookie of the year and 2016 NFL MVP. During his career, the Falcons have made six playoff appearances and reached Super Bowl LI (the Falcons had eight playoff appearances in the 41 seasons before Ryan's arrival).

Baltimore Ravens: Joe Flacco

Years: 2008-2018

Yards: 38,245 (212 TDs)

Others: Kyle Boller (7,846 yards), Vinny Testaverde (7,148), Lamar Jackson (7,085), Steve McNair (4,163)

Notes: Flacco's career in Baltimore was highlighted by being named the MVP in the Ravens' victory in Super Bowl XLVII.

Buffalo Bills: Jim Kelly

Years: 1986-1996

Yards: 35,467 (237 TDs)


Others: Joe Ferguson (27,590 yards), Jack Kemp (15,134), Ryan Fitzpatrick (11,654), Drew Bledsoe (10,151)

Notes: Kelly, the Pro Football Hall of Famer, directed one of the most prolific offenses in league history and guided the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances.

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton

Years: 2011-2019

Yards: 29,041 (182 TDs)

Others: Jake Delhomme (19,258 yards), Steve Beuerlein (12,690), Kerry Collins (8,306), Chris Weinke (3,800)

Notes: Newton was NFL MVP in 2015, throwing for a career-high 35 TDs, leading the Panthers to Super Bowl 50.

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler

Years: 2009-2016

Yards: 23,443 (154 TDs)


Others: Sid Luckman (14,686 yards), Jim Harbaugh (11,567), Jim McMahon (11,203), Mitchell Trubisky (10,609)

Notes: Cutler directed the Bears to their last NFC championship game appearance in 2010.

Cincinnati Bengals: Ken Anderson

Years: 1971-1986

Yards: 32,838 (197 TDs)

Others: Andy Dalton (31,594 yards), Boomer Esiason (27,149), Carson Palmer (22,694), Jeff Blake (15,134)

Notes: Anderson was the 1981 NFL MVP, a season in which he led the Bengals to an appearance in Super Bowl XVI.

Cleveland Browns: Brian Sipe

Years: 1974-1983

Yards: 23,713 (154 TDs)

Others: Otto Graham (23,584 yards), Bernie Kosar (21,904), Frank Ryan (13,361), Tim Couch (11,131)


Notes: Baker Mayfield in position to make a run up this list in 2021.

Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo

Years: 2004-2016

Yards: 34,183 (248 TDs)

Others: Troy Aikman (32,942 yards), Roger Staubach (22,700), Danny White (21,959), Dak Prescott (17,634)

Notes: Romo posted three 4,000-yard passing seasons – including 4,903 yards in 2012 – during his career in Dallas.

Denver Broncos: John Elway

Years: 1983-1998

Yards: 51,475 (300 TDs)

Others: Peyton Manning (17,112 yards), Craig Morton (11,895), Brian Griese (11,763), Jake Plummer (11,631)

Notes: At the time of his retirement, Elway was the NFL's second-leading all-time passing yardage leader (behind Dan Marino); he's currently No. 9.


Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford

Years: 2009-present

Yards: 45,109 (282 TDs)

Others: Bobby Layne (15,710 yards), Scott Mitchell (12,647), Greg Landry (12,451), Gary Danielson (11,885)

Notes: Stafford's statistical ledger includes seven 4,000-yard passing seasons and one 5,000-yard passing season.

Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre

Years: 1992-2007

Yards: 61,655 (442 TDs)

Others: Aaron Rodgers (51,245 yards), Bart Starr (24,718), Lynn Dickey (21,369), Tobin Rote (11,535)

Notes: Dickey held the Packers' single-season passing yardage record (4,458 in 1983) for 28 years until Rodgers finally broke it in 2011 (4,643).


Houston Texans: Matt Schaub

Years: 2007-2013

Yards: 23,221 (124 TDs)

Others: David Carr (13,391 yards), Deshaun Watson (14,539), Sage Rosenfels (3,380), Brock Osweiler (2,957)

Notes: Barring an injury or trade, Watson is on the fast pace to become this team's all-time leading passer.

Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning

Years: 1998-2010

Yards: 54,828 (399 TDs)

Others: Johnny Unitas (39,768), Andrew Luck (23,671), Bert Jones (17,663), Jack Trudeau (9,647)

Notes: Unitas and Jones each played for the Baltimore Colts. Manning also is the Broncos' No. 2 all-time leading passer, which is impressive given he played just four seasons in Denver.


Jacksonville Jaguars: Mark Brunell

Years: 1995-2003

Yards: 25,698 (144 TDs)

Others: Blake Bortles (17,646 yards), David Garrard (16,003), Byron Leftwich (9,042), Chad Henne (5,817)

Notes: Brunell led the Jaguars to two AFC championship game appearances (1996 and 1999) during his time in Jacksonville.

Kansas City Chiefs: Len Dawson

Years: 1962-1975

Yards: 28,507 (237 TDs)

Others: Trent Green (21,459 yards), Alex Smith (17,608), Bill Kenney (17,277), Patrick Mahomes (14,152)

Notes: Dawson's first season was with the Dallas Texans, who he led to the American Football League championship in 1962 before the franchise moved to Kansas City in 1963.


Las Vegas Raiders: Derek Carr

Years: 2014-present

Yards: 26,896 (170 TDs)

Others: Ken Stabler (19,078 yards), Rich Gannon (17,585), Daryle Lamonica (16,655), Jim Plunkett (12,665)

Notes: Carr has been selected to three Pro Bowls.

Los Angeles Chargers: Philip Rivers

Years: 2004-2019

Yards: 59,271 (397 TDs)

Others: Dan Fouts (43,040 yards), John Hadl (26,938), Stan Humphries (16,085), Drew Brees (12,348)

Notes: Chargers with as impressive a top five as there is in the league. Rivers, of course, played 13 of his 16 seasons with the Chargers in San Diego.

Los Angeles Rams: Jim Everett

Years: 1986-1993

Yards: 23,758 (142 TDs)

Others: Marc Bulger (22,814 yards), Roman Gabriel (22,223), Jared Goff (18,171), Norm Van Brocklin (16,114)

Notes: Everett twice led the NFL in touchdown passes, including in the 1989 season when he helped the Rams reach the NFC championship game.

Miami Dolphins: Dan Marino

Years: 1983-1999

Yards: 61,361 (420 TDs)

Others: Bob Griese (25,092 yards), Ryan Tannehill (20,434), Jay Fiedler (11,040), Chad Henne (7,114)

Notes: Once the NFL's all-time passing yardage leader, Marino enters the 2020 season ranked No. 6 behind Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Philip Rivers.

Minnesota Vikings: Fran Tarkenton

Years: 1961-1966, 1972-1978

Yards: 33,098 (239 TDs)

Others: Tommy Kramer (24,775 yards), Daunte Culpepper (20,162), Kirk Cousins (12,166), Wade Wilson (12,135)

Notes: Tarkenton long held the league's career passing yardage record (47,003) before being surpassed by Dan Marino in 1995.

New England Patriots: Tom Brady

Years: 2000-2019

Yards: 74,571 (541 TDs)

Others: Drew Bledsoe (29,657 yards), Steve Grogan (26,886), Babe Parilli (16,747), Tony Eason (10,732)

Notes: Brady had 10 seasons with 4,000-plus passing yards and one with 5,000-plus passing yards during his time in New England.

New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees

Years: 2006-2020

Yards: 68,010 (491 TDs)

Others: Archie Manning (21,734 yards), Aaron Brooks (19,156), Bobby Hebert (14,630), Jim Everett (10,622)

Notes: Coupled with his 12,348 passing yards accumulated during his time in San Diego, Brees is the league's current all-time leading passer (80,358 yards).

New York Giants: Eli Manning

Years: 2004-2019

Yards: 57,023 (366 TDs)

Others: Phil Simms (33,462 yards), Charlie Conerly (19,488), Kerry Collins (16,875), Fran Tarkenton (13,905)

Notes: Eli Manning, a two-time Super Bowl MVP, threw for 4,000-plus yards seven times while also leading the league in interceptions three times.

New York Jets: Joe Namath

Years: 1965-1976

Yards: 27,057 (170 TDs)

Others: Ken O'Brien (24,386 yards), Richard Todd (18,241), Chad Pennington (13,738), Vinny Testaverde (12,497)

Notes: Namath, who made good on the most famous "guarantee" in sports history, led the league in passing yardage three times.

Philadelphia Eagles: Donovan McNabb

Years: 1999-2009

Yards: 32,873 (216 TDs)

Others: Ron Jaworski (26,963 yards), Randall Cunningham (22,877), Norm Snead (15,672), Carson Wentz (16,811)

Notes: McNabb helped the Eagles qualify for the playoffs eight times and make one Super Bowl appearance.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger

Years: 2004-present

Yards: 60,348 (396 TDs)

Others: Terry Bradshaw (27,989 yards), Kordell Stewart (13,328), Neil O'Donnell (12,867), Bubby Brister (10,104)

Notes: Roethlisberger, a two-time Super Bowl winner, has led the NFL in passing yards twice in his career.

San Francisco 49ers: Joe Montana

Years: 1979-1992

Yards: 35,124 (244 TDs)

Others: John Brodie (31,548 yards), Steve Young (29,907), Jeff Garcia (16,408), Y.A. Tittle (16,016)

Notes: Montana, a four-time Super Bowl champion and two-time league MVP, led the NFL in completion percentage five times in his career.

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson

Years: 2012-present

Yards: 33,946 (267 TDs)

Others: Matt Hasselbeck (29,434 yards), Dave Krieg (26,132), Jim Zorn (20,122), Rick Mirer (9,094)

Notes: Wilson has accounted for the top five single-season passing yardage totals in Seahawks history.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston

Years: 2015-2019

Yards: 19,737 (121 TDs)

Others: Vinny Testaverde (14,820 yards), Josh Freeman (13,534), Trent Dilfer (12,969), Doug Williams (12,648)

Notes: In 2019, Winston became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for at least 30 touchdowns (33) and at least 30 interceptions (30).

Tennessee Titans: Warren Moon

Years: 1984-1993

Yards: 33,685 (196 TDs)

Others: Steve McNair (27,141 yards), George Blanda (19,149), Dan Pastorini (16,864), Marcus Mariota (13,207).

Notes: Moon, Blanda and Pastorini all played for the Houston Oilers, with Moon's final season with the franchise taking place four years before the move to Tennessee.

Washington Redskins: Joe Theismann

Years: 1974-1985

Yards: 25,585 (160 TDs)

Others: Sonny Jurgensen (22,585 yards), Sammy Baugh (21,886), Kirk Cousins (16,206), Mark Rypien (15,928)

Notes: Theismann earned NFL MVP honors in 1983 when the Redskins scored a then-record 541 points.

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