NFL teams can still implement the Wonderlic on their own

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Good news, the NFL will no longer implement the Wonderlic test as part of the pre-draft process. Bad news, the NFL’s individual teams can still use it.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT that teams will still be allowed to utilize the Wonderlic test during their individuals meetings with and assessments of players.

As one source explained it to PFT, it’s far less likely that the scores will be leaked by the individual teams. Previously, the global set of numbers generated at the Scouting Combine inevitably ended up being given by a team executive to a reporter.

“No one will leak their own info,” the source said. “It’s seen as proprietary. You won’t give it to anyone because you’ll be afraid they’ll share it.”

Still, the score has no relevance to football skills and abilities. And the players who are under consideration don’t have to take it. Yes, it’s a job interview. But those players who aren’t inclined to sign a blank check under the guise of employment consideration can say, if they want, “I’m not taking the test. If you don’t want to draft me because of that, maybe one of your competitors will.”

The best of the best can get away with that. Here’s hoping that they give it a try.

NFL teams can still implement the Wonderlic on their own originally appeared on Pro Football Talk