Reports: New Jersey lab linked to 77 false positive coronavirus tests among 11 NFL teams

A major issue with a New Jersey lab processing coronavirus test results for the NFL was revealed on Sunday after retesting was done on the previously reported 77 positive results. It now appears that all were false positives after each of the 77 people were retested and received a negative result, according to multiple reports.

Earlier Sunday, several NFL teams said they would alter or cancel workouts Sunday after the positive tests were reported. The league said it was investigating the results after the high number resulted from one processing lab.

The NFL said it would take “immediate precautionary measures as outlined in the NFL and NFLPA’s health and safety protocols.”

NFL coronavirus numbers were getting smaller

It still appears that NFL coronavirus numbers were getting smaller. On Saturday, four players were listed on the COVID-19 list.

Teams affected by the false positive tests

The Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers each reported a large number of positive results from testing done by the New Jersey lab in question.

The Cleveland Browns did not reveal how many members of the organization were affected by the issue, but reopened their facilities once the lab issue was revealed.

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