What NFL teams have a bye in Week 13?

What NFL teams have a bye in Week 13? originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The NFL regular season can be grueling for its players.

And the only reprieve from the week-in-week-out grind that is playing professional football is the annual bye week – something NFL schedule makers implemented to maximize each team’s rest and recovery. While fans of the fantasy game might lament the missed points opportunity, this time allows players a much-needed break.

After no teams were in on the bye in Week 12, a couple of teams will have off this week.

What NFL teams have a bye week in Week 13?

The Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers each have a Week 13 bye.

Complete bye week schedule for 2022 NFL regular season

When did the NFL first institute bye weeks?

The NFL bye week is now 27 years old and a staple of the league schedule.

Prior to 1990, the NFL jammed 16 games into 16 weeks for wall-to-wall coverage. A combination of scheduling conflicts, travel complications, potential television earnings from an extended season and player injury all factored into the league’s decision to extend the season to 17 weeks. The NFL briefly added a second bye week for the 1992 and 1993 season, but quickly dropped back to one per season.

Last season, the NFL expanded once again to 17 games in 18 weeks, prompting some -- including 49ers star tight end George Kittle -- to suggest a return to the second bye week.

When is the San Francisco 49ers’ bye week?

The 49ers had their bye week in Week 9.

How do bye weeks impact fantasy football?

Bye weeks are a fact of life in the NFL, but that’s no excuse to be caught sleeping in your fantasy league.

It’s pretty simple -- if a player can’t play in real football, they can’t earn points in fantasy football. Therefore, most managers recommend benching players on a bye week. Make sure you get those lineups in on time!