Which NFL team is the best fit for DeAndre Hopkins? | You Pod To Win The Game

Following a report that the former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver will visit the Tennessee Titans next week, Yahoo Sports NFL reporters Jori Epstein and Charles McDonald discuss what move would be best for the 5-time Pro Bowler. Hear the full conversation on Yahoo Sports' NFL podcast "You Pod To Win The Game" -- and subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHARLES MCDONALD: I'm surprised you haven't heard, I guess in the past couple days, a little bit more talk about him going to Kansas City. Because I think just from a where are you now, and what does the team need in terms of skill set, it just, it makes perfect sense to me. But maybe he's just going to weigh this out and see where it goes. I saw that [INAUDIBLE] he had a workout with the Titans. I don't know if that's where you want to be right now, DeAndre. I would wait this out and see what your options are.

I think like the last thing that I have to say about Hopkins is, how do you think he feels about the Odell contract? Because he played-- Hopkins played last year. You can at least give him that.

JORI EPSTEIN: He played a full year of the year before.

CHARLES MCDONALD: It's tough. It would be tough to swallow, like, yo. I've been great more recently than he has been. And he got all that money backed up in the signing bonus. So maybe that's going to be where he can still get his money, and the team gets their cap relief. But it's a tricky situation that he's trying to work through right now.

JORI EPSTEIN: Right. I mean, the reason the Titans make sense is, yes, Mike Vrabel, and DeAndre overlapped one year in Houston. But even more so, offensive coordinator Tim Kelly was DeAndre Hopkins' offensive coordinator during that time when he was an all-pro player. And so he really understands the ins and outs of how to get him to produce, what his skill set is, and also how to push the buttons to make sure that he is at his best.

Does that mean that they want to pay him 10 to $12 million? It makes sense to me that he is going to Tennessee for a workout given those preexisting relationships with the coaching staff. I don't know that that means that they're going to shell it out. Like you said, is it the best quarterback situation in the league? I would say no. Is it better than an injured Kyler Murray? I would say, yes. And the other thing you have to think about is Hopkins just went on a podcast and was like, here are the quarterbacks I want to play with. Here's what I'm looking for.

And while I don't want players to be sanitized, and I admire the honesty, I think that once he gets to a building, he's going to have to realize what a team needs from him now versus what they needed from him five years probably looks different. And if you want to get paid, you might have to be a little bit amenable to changing that.