NFL TD celebrations of the week: Rob Gronkowski takes Brandin Cooks for a ride and the Eagles are having too much fun

Shutdown Corner

As the sun sets on Thanksgiving weekend, we can all be thankful for the NFL’s new relaxed celebration rules. Here’s the best of what we saw in Week 12.

Gronk shows off his horsepower

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Rob Gronkowski takes Brandin Cooks for a ride (Getty)
Rob Gronkowski takes Brandin Cooks for a ride (Getty)

Dear Bill Belichick,

Please, please, please let Rob Gronkowski talk about this celebration and please don’t yell at him.


NFL fans everywhere

The Eagles are having too much fun

Philadelphia continues to up its game both on the field and when it comes to celebrations. Alshon Jeffrey’s touchdown was marked by an amazing group bowling celebration.

The Eagles also took the time to ensure their holiday photo was in order following Zach Ertz’s 17-yard touchdown grab.

And then they did the Electric Slide.

Albert Wilson takes a picture

The Eagles weren’t the only ones to get their holiday photos ready.

Robbie Anderson takes a nap

Don’t sleep on the Jets receiver, who now has five touchdowns on the season.

Delanie Walker administers CPR

It is especially concerning that FOX announcer Chris Myers mistook this as “burping a baby” because it is definitely not that.

Adam Jones gives birth

Adam Jones and his wife welcomed a baby boy on Saturday, and Jones celebrated by giving birth himself following a punt return touchdown. Unfortunately, a penalty brought this one back.

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