Tanya Snyder, wife of owner Dan Snyder, named co-CEO of Washington Football Team

Dan Snyder is no longer the sole CEO of the Washington Football Team. The franchise announced on Tuesday that Tanya Snyder, Dan's wife, has been named as his co-CEO.

Snyder, who is now one of the few female CEOs in NFL history, has led the Washington Football Charitable Foundation since 2000, one year after the Snyders took ownership of the team. It's not known what her primary focus will be, but in the statement released by the team she said she plans to apply her experience with the foundation to her new position.

"This team is our family's legacy," said owner and co-CEO Tanya Snyder. "We are at a pivotal point in the history of this team as we work to become the gold standard of NFL franchises. The co-CEO titles reflect our approach to that effort. It is a natural progression, but it's important to formally recognize the diversity of opinion and perspective that informs everything we do. In my new role, I'll be positioned to ensure the core values that are central to our philanthropy permeate the entire organization and bring us closer to realizing our goals."

Tanya Snyder will now serve as Washington Football Team co-CEO alongside her husband Dan. (Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports)
Tanya Snyder will now serve as Washington Football Team co-CEO alongside her husband Dan. (Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports)

Tanya Snyder's promotion reflects her increased involvement

Tanya Snyder's promotion comes in the middle of the team's rebranding effort, as they seek to move on from their previous name and logo and distance themselves from numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment. In the statement, Dan Snyder said that his wife was heavily involved with the rebranding effort and the decision to end their cheerleading program, so her promotion to co-CEO just formalizes her increased role.

"Tanya is one of the most important figures in this organization, and that has only become more true over the last 18 months as her involvement has deepened," said owner and co-CEO Dan Snyder. "Publicly, many know Tanya for her incredible and impactful work in breast cancer awareness and her leadership of our charitable foundation. But behind the scenes, she has had a profound impact on the direction of the Washington Football Team. She was instrumental in our decision to evolve the brand and modernize our fan experience – including the entertainment team."

"Tanya has always been my closest confidant and most important advisor, but her role has outgrown such informal titles," added Dan. "The perspective she brings to this organization is invaluable and I am incredibly proud to recognize it with a fitting title: CEO."

Team president Jason Wright, who was one of several diverse hires Washington made following the reports of widespread sexual misconduct and harassment within the organization, recently told the Washington Post that Tanya Snyder has been heavily involved with the team's operations since before he was hired in August 2020.

“It’s been collaborative from the jump," Wright said in a recent sit-down with The Washington Post. “My first interaction with them, even before I was interviewing for the role, when I met them for the first time, it was both of them. In every interview I did with them, it was both of them there. It was always a three-way, collaborative, building-on-one-another’s-thoughts-type of conversation."

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