For NFL streaming, the future is now

As the world continues a slow pivot away from cable/satellite to streaming, there will be major NFL-related signposts along the way.

This year, it’s Peacock getting an exclusive wild-card playoff game.

That announcement created much more of an uproar than last week’s disclosure that the Week 16 Saturday night game between the Bills and Chargers also will be exclusively streamed on Peacock. It makes sense; the regular-season Peacock news was subsumed within the broader schedule release and the various viral schedule-release videos.

Monday’s development became a sudden and unexpected bolt of lightning.

But are we really surprised? The wind has been blowing in this direction for years. Already, the entire Thursday night package streams on Amazon. Also, ESPN+ had an exclusive London game last year.

The future is coming. The future is now. Viewing habits are changing, and the migration of NFL games to streaming will force that process along.

Then there’s the fact that Peacock costs only $4.99 per month and $14.99 per year. What can you buy for $4.99? (Other than an electronic copy of Father of Mine, which you should do if you have not. Use a different $4.99 for your first month of Peacock.)

One of the complaints we’re hearing is that people already have too many streaming subscriptions. They don’t want to buy another one.

A streaming commitment isn’t permanent. You can dump any, some, or all of the streaming services you have. It’s really not hard to do it. Try it with one of them right now. (Not Peacock, though. Please.)

Peacock has plenty of great content. More live sports than any streamer. The Office, and the extended Superfan episodes for many of the seasons. And a certain morning show known as PFT Live.

Plenty of movies are on Peacock before other streaming services. Entertaining new series debut on a regular basis.

Yes, PFT has a distribution deal with NBC. Yes, I separately work for NBC, and for Peacock.

Regardless, it’s $4.99 a month. And if it didn’t land at Peacock, it likely was going to another streamer — possibly one that costs more than $4.99 a month.

Because they all cost more than $4.99 a month.

For NFL streaming, the future is now originally appeared on Pro Football Talk