NFL stars from Alabama think Tide could win multiple NFL games, so they're crazy too

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Could Nick Saban and Alabama beat an NFL team? No. But some former Tide players in the NFL think it could happen. (AP)
Could Nick Saban and Alabama beat an NFL team? No. But some former Tide players in the NFL think it could happen. (AP)

For a minute, people started to argue that Duke’s men’s basketball team could beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. Then Gonzaga beat Duke.

The pros vs. college debate is asinine, but has been going on forever. With Alabama football laying waste to everyone this season, we’ve gotten a revival of it with “Crimson Tide or Buffalo Bills/Oakland Raiders/Arizona Cardinals?” When there’s no suspense left over who’s going to win the title in college football, apparently this what everyone moves on to.

What’s truly baffling is how many players who used to play for Alabama told’s Robert Klemko that not only would the Crimson Tide beat NFL teams, they’d beat multiple NFL teams. Hey, it turns out we’re all biased for our alma maters.

Alabama’s NFL players like Tide’s chances

This whole concept is crazy. The worst NFL team still has the cream of the crop from college. They’re physically mature grown men going against 18-22-year olds.

But, again, we all want to represent for our school, even if you’re in the NFL.

“We would beat NFL teams,” Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Reggie Ragland, who played for Alabama from 2012-15, told Klemko. “I ain’t even gon’ lie to you; it’d be a winning record, and we’d make the playoffs.”

The craziest comment was from Jaguars safety Ronnie Harrison who told Klemko, “Real talk, we probably would run the table.” 

My goodness. Here are some highlights from others who were letting their Crimson flag fly high:

Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus: “I’ll safely say four wins. We’d beat teams because they would make more mistakes than Alabama.”

Saints running back Mark Ingram: “Our best team would win more than one game.” 

Rams linebacker Mark Barron: “The talent level is there. I see no reason why we wouldn’t win games.” 

This is all insane.

There were 44 Alabama players in NFL to start season

Most of the argument seemed to center around Nick Saban. Saban was an NFL coach (though, he didn’t go .500 with the Dolphins, so … ), and he has complex schemes. Barron’s argument was that Alabama’s defense was more complex than any he has run in college.

That’s well and good, but the talent level is still a big difference. Not every Alabama player is good enough to play in the NFL, and many who do make it won’t be starters. Even if Tua Tagovailoa looks like an NFL prospect, most rookie quarterbacks struggle against NFL talent, much less a 20-year-old with 314 college passes. And so on, and so forth. Alabama has been good for many, many years, and said there were 44 former Crimson Tide players on NFL rosters at the start of the season. That’s a very impressive number but less so when we’re talking about Alabama beating a 53-man NFL roster.

The whole argument is silly. The worst NFL team would blow out Alabama. We all should know that. But, we’re all capable of saying crazy things when it comes to our favorite teams, and it appears NFL players who went to Alabama are no exception.

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