NFL sought information on Tyreek Hill investigation before second incident

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

It’s unclear what the NFL will do about the current child-abuse investigation involving Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. It is now clear that the NFL mobilized its internal investigative procedures before the second of two incidents that remain under investigation.

According to Neil Nakahodo and Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star, the NFL sent a letter on March 12 seeking information regarding “recent child abuse complaints involving the parents Crystal Espinal and Tyreek Hill as it relates to alleged injuries sustained by the couple’s minor child.”

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The date of the letter falls in time between a pair of police reports regarding the situation; the first was dated March 5, and the second was dated March 14.

The report doesn’t explain how NFL became aware of the situation. The incidents did not become publicly known until March 15, when first reported by the Star.

The March 12 letter from the league requested “all reports” regarding the situation, including all photos, statements, medical records, 911 calls, reports generated as a result of investigations, and more. The March 12 letter also explained that the league was “reviewing this incident to evaluate whether a violation of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy occurred related to a complaint or arrest involving an NFL employee, in this case, Mr. Hill.”

The timeline suggests that the local officials were on notice of the NFL’s inquiry regarding Hill even before the incident that generated the second police report, on March 14.

No arrests have been made or charges have been filed in connection with any of these incidents. The Star reported on March 15 that the three-year-old child at some point suffered a broken arm.

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