NFL sets salary cap at $255.4 million, giving Jets more cap space

The NFL officially set the salary cap for the 2024 season at $255.4 million, an incredible $30 million increase from 2023, thanks to media revenue and the teams fully repaying advances from the COVID pandemic.

As a result, the Jets now have more room to work with. Based on numbers from Over the Cap, the Jets now have about $15 million in cap space with the additional space. OTC initially projected about $256 million for the salary cap but recent news caused projections to be lower, at around $242 million.

The Jets will also still have plenty of moves to make to create much more room for themselves. Perhaps this will give them a better chance to keep Bryce Huff. Speaking of which, with the salary cap set, the franchise tag numbers are also set. Placing the franchise tag on Huff would be worth about $21.3 million.

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire