NFL Senior Researcher intentionally tailors criteria ranking QB wins to exclude Raiders Daryle Lamonica

One of phrases that I really don’t like is ‘numbers don’t lie’. Mostly because numbers do lie often and in many ways. They lie by omission. They lie by not telling the story of teller is claiming. They lie by not telling the whole story.

Such was the case in a tweet from a NFL Senior Researcher following the AFC Divisional playoff game between the Chiefs and Bills.

The minimum 50 starts is one of those details that makes some sense. But why make the cutoff 1970? The NFL and AFL have both existed since 1960. The merger was in 1966. Why 1970?

Well, because that would remove Raiders great Daryle ‘Mad Bomber’ Lamonica from the list, allowing for Mahomes, Brady, and Jackson to take the top three slots.

Lamonica had a 70-21-6 career regular season and playoff record including a record of 43-7-1 prior to 1970. His .753 winning percentage would land him second behind Mahomes, thus making the list not look as tidy and cool as Mahomes, Brady, Jackson going 1-2-3.

So, in the interest of that, an NFL Senior Researcher decided it best to just erase the accomplishments of three-time AFL champion, two-time AFL Player of the Year, and starting QB in Super Bowl II.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire