NFL schedule release video rankings 2024: Which teams had the best reveal of season slate?

Who is the NFL (social media) champion?

The Super Bowl for NFL content teams has arrived with the 2024 schedule release. Rather than just let the league announce the schedule in a simple format, all teams go above and beyond to release intricate, dramatic and hilarious videos. These videos often go viral, and as a result, every team is trying to claim the title of best schedule release video. The Los Angeles Chargers were last year's winner after they did another epic anime release. Will they repeat as champions, or will another team get to claim the title?

Here is our rankings for the 2024 schedule release videos:

32. Arizona Cardinals

Cool art, but barely put any effort after putting none last year. Enjoy last place again.

31. Denver Broncos

Lewis Hamilton is a big name but do we care to see him try food? Not really.

30. New York Giants

The man on the street interviews can provide randomness, but this was just boring.

29. Miami Dolphins

It’s clever to play on Tyreek Hill’s speed. Too bad it means the video is barely anything.

28. Seattle Seahawks

Clearly some people are not good at acting.

27. New Orleans Saints

Solid idea, just missing laughs.

26. Green Bay Packers

The plot didn’t really make sense.

25. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings did a great job at showing how ridiculous the release videos have gotten. It was extra but generated some laughs.

24. Las Vegas Raiders

Cool hype video, nothing special. Could’ve said it for the pregame jumbotron.

23. Detroit Lions

Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson are great comedians, it’s a shame they felt held back.

22. Los Angeles Rams

Animations were on point.

21. Cincinnati Bengals

Mascots vs. kids matchups are always hilarious. Wish we got actual hits.

20. Indianapolis Colts

Cute video and got kids getting creative.

19. San Francisco 49ers

Yes Nick Bosa, you do really sound like that.

18. Houston Texans

Hydraulic press videos are very soothing.

17. Kansas City Chiefs

They also did the hydraulic press, but the references were better than the Texans.

16. Cleveland Browns

Pretty basic bowling shenanigans. They got the legend Pete Weber to boost it at the end.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This was a good one for the Buccaneers diehards, with some sick pieces of art.

14. New York Jets

AreYouKiddingTV does good segments, and the rush of people trying to get free stuff will always be hilarious.

13. Baltimore Ravens

Stavros Halkias is hilarious. Getting another team’s head coach to cameo is worth extra points (Petition for John Harbaugh to legally be John Harbaw).

12. Chicago Bears

Chicago really does have some actors, and Spice Adams is born to be on the big screen.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars

X-Men will forever be cool.

10. Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen is naturally hilarious, and it’s great that you can actually picture him living at a construction site.

9. Washington Commanders

Cake or not cake is a hard guessing game to play, and mixing it with the schedule was a great combo.

8. Carolina Panthers

Good thing these guys are athletes and not artists, but A+ for effort and making fun of your teammates. Xavier Legette is a gem.

7. Tennessee Titans

The concept was a hit last year. Wasn’t as funny this time around but some funny team names in there.

6. Dallas Cowboys

The random FaceTime call is a great trend, and the Cowboys got some big names with stunned reactions.

5. Atlanta Falcons

NFL Street was such an epic game, and the Falcons got so many good disses.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Who doesn’t love dad jokes? Apparently James Harrison, who didn’t budge at some corny punchlines.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

Glad the Eagles know how unhinged their fans are. Their ruthlessness is amazing.

2. New England Patriots

Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski together is already a must watch. Then they play on “Good Will Hunting” and they make comedy gold. Give someone an Oscar.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

They’ve done it again. The Chargers used Sims to perfection, and whether it was dissing Taylor Swift’s private jet or Harrison Butker in the kitchen, they cooked. A dynasty is here.

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