NFL salary cap to be at $180 million minimum in 2021

Kevin Hickey
·1 min read

Before free agency arrives, the league is working to set the salary cap for the 2021 season. It seems a new minimum of $180 million has been established, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Because of COVID-19, it was expected that the salary cap would be decreased by almost $25 million. In 2020, the salary cap was set at $198.2 million for each team. A decrease was expected with a floor of roughly $175 million.

But now, it seems the league will have a little bit more room to work with this offseason.

This isn’t all that big of a deal for the Colts. Whatever number the salary cap is set at doesn’t impact their offseason all that much. They are among the teams with the most salary cap in the league so this just means they will have more money to work with.

This will be a big offseason for extensions, though. The Colts could lock up potentially four players if they felt financially able to do so.

The official number should be arriving soon, but the Colts should continue to be amongst the leaders in cap space for the 2021 offseason.


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