NFL rookies have hilarious reactions to their Madden game scores

Every year, fans now eagerly await the release of the Madden NFL game ability scores. But every year, it seems like the rookies added to the game take issue with the grades they receive.

EA Sports dropped those ratings for its Madden NFL 20 video game and prepared a video with select members of the 2019 NFL draft class.

Have a look at the amusing responses:

You can find all of the Madden rookie ratings here.

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Some of our favorite responses

Here are a few rookies whose reactions to seeing their ability ratings we liked the best:

Chicago Bears RB David Montgomery (Overall grade: 71): “From my perspective, I give myself a 93. But from your perspective ... [sees grade of 71] ... oh, this is all types of disrespect.”

New York Giants QB Daniel Jones (Overall grade: 63): “I don’t know. I am a rookie. Maybe, uh, high 70s, low 80s? [sees grade] I’d be interested to see how we got to 63.”

New York Giants WR Darius Slayton, seeing Jones’ grade: “Sixth pick! He’s got to be like 80 overall. Sixty-three?! He can throw! I am [higher-graded] than him overall.”


Montgomery, crossing out his grade: “Catching ... change that. What passes did you see me drop? Well, all right ...”

Tennessee Titans WR A.J. Brown (Overall grade: 72): “Seventy-two?! What was Hollywood?”

Baltimore Ravens WR Marquise ‘Hollywood” Brown (Overall grade: 77): “The highest overall receiver.”

A.J. Brown: “[Hollywood] is just fast!”

Marquise Brown: “All right, I am changing my speed from 97 to 98.”

Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray (Overall grade: 73): “Seventy-three?”

Oakland Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow (Overall grade: 70): “What was Kyler? He’s a 73? I should have made a little more money, shouldn’t have I?”


Marquise Brown (Strength grade: 44): “I’m fixing to throw up all types of videos of me lifting.”

Pittsburgh Steelers RB Benny Snell Jr. (Overall grade: 69): “Madden did not do me wrong. They did me justice, baby!”


Kyler Murray: “I am Kyler Murray, and I am not happy with my Madden rating. That’s tough. ... Nah, I am happy with my rating.”

Pretty soon, these rookies — and many more — will have their chance to prove on the field that their grades are too low. And those who do will then have months of waiting until the Madden NFL 21 grades come out with corrections made.

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