NFL referee from viral moment with Geno Smith made the wrong call

“I’m talking to America, here.”

So said NFL referee Alex Kemp, who was officiating yesterday’s game between the Seahawks and Lions when Geno Smith interrupted him to complain about the call he’d just made. The moment went viral right away:

While it’s funny, it’s also worth pointing out that Smith had a very legitimate gripe and the call Kemp made was horrendous.

Here’s a clip of the play in question.

Obviously Smith did not intentionally throw the ball to an area where there were no receivers. Clearly this was an accidental miscommunication with Tyler Lockett, as everyone watching the game could tell.

While this was a dumb call that went the Lions’ way, the Seahawks got more than their fair share of bad calls in their favor this week – including a missed holding call on Smith’s game-winning touchdown pass to Lockett.

Then again, these things tend to even out over time. There will be at least one game later this season where the Seahawks get screwed by the refs.

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