NFL Predictions Every Game, Team, Division, Win Totals 2022

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NFL preseason predictions for every game and for all 32 teams, along with the schedules and projected win totals.

Yeah, we’re all about college football, but we’re into the NFL fun the rest of the week, too.

The NFL totals and overall predictions are much, much tougher than the college side. Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia – you pretty much know who the college stars are.

The Cincinnati Bengals of last year, the Any Given Sunday aspect, and all the uniformity of the NFL game make this far more interesting. The goal is to get the overall win totals close as possible, knowing that a few surprise teams  – for good and bad – will screw it all up.

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NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
CFN 2022 College Football Preview
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

AFC East Preseason Predictions

Predicted AFC East Finish

1. Buffalo
T2. Miami
T2. New England
4. New York Jets

Buffalo Bills

Predicted Record: 12-5
Preseason Baltimore Win Total: 11.5

Sept. 8 at Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Sept. 19 Tennessee Titans Win
Sept. 25 at Miami Dolphins Win
Oct. 2 at Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Oct. 9 Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Oct. 16 at Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Oct. 30 Green Bay Packers Win
Nov. 6 at New York Jets Win
Nov. 13 Minnesota Vikings Win
Nov. 20 Cleveland Browns Win
Nov. 24 at Detroit Lions Win
Dec. 1 at New England Patriots  Loss
Dec. 11 New York Jets Win
Dec. 18 Miami Dolphins Win
Dec. 24 at Chicago Bears Win
Jan. 2 at Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Jan. 8 New England Patriots Win

Miami Dolphins

Predicted Record: 9-8
Preseason Baltimore Win Total: 8.5

Sept. 11 New England Patriots Win
Sept. 18 at Baltimore Ravens Win
Sept. 25 Buffalo Bills  Loss
Sept. 29 at Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Oct. 9 at New York Jets Win
Oct. 16 Minnesota Vikings Win
Oct. 23 Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Oct. 30 at Detroit Lions  Loss
Nov. 6 at Chicago Bears  Loss
Nov. 13 Cleveland Browns  Loss
Nov. 27 Houston Texans Win
Dec. 4 at San Francisco 49ers  Loss
Dec. 11 at Los Angeles Chargers Win
Dec. 18 at Buffalo Bills  Loss
Dec. 25 Green Bay Packers Win
Jan. 1 at New England Patriots  Loss
Jan. 8 New York Jets Win

New England Patriots

Predicted Record: 9-8
Preseason Baltimore Win Total: 8.5

Sept. 11 at Miami Dolphins  Loss
Sept. 18 at Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Sept. 25 Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Oct. 2 at Green Bay Packers  Loss
Oct. 9 Detroit Lions Win
Oct. 16 at Cleveland Browns Win
Oct. 24 Minnesota Vikings  Loss
Oct. 30 at New York Jets Loss
Nov. 6 Indianapolis Colts Win
Nov. 20 New York Jets Win
Nov. 24 at Minnesota Vikings Win
Dec. 1 Buffalo Bills Win
Dec. 12 at Arizona Cardinals  Loss
Dec. 18 at Las Vegas Raiders  Loss
Dec. 24 Cincinnati Bengals Win
Jan. 1 Miami Dolphins Win
Jan. 8 at Buffalo Bills Loss

New York Jets

Predicted Record: 5-12
Preseason Baltimore Win Total: 5.5

Sept. 11 Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Sept. 18 at Cleveland Browns Win
Sept. 25 Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Oct. 2 at Pittsburgh Steelers  Loss
Oct. 9 Miami Dolphins  Loss
Oct. 16 at Green Bay Packers  Loss
Oct. 23 at Denver Broncos  Loss
Oct. 30 New England Patriots Win
Nov. 6 Buffalo Bills  Loss
Nov. 20 at New England Patriots  Loss
Nov. 27 Chicago Bears Win
Dec. 4 at Minnesota Vikings  Loss
Dec. 11 at Buffalo Bills  Loss
Dec. 18 Detroit Lions Win
Dec. 22 Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Jan. 1 at Seattle Seahawks  Loss
Jan. 8 at Miami Dolphins  Loss

NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

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AFC North Preseason Predictions

Predicted AFC North Finish

1. Baltimore
2. Cincinnati
3. Pittsburgh
4. Cleveland

Baltimore Ravens

Predicted Record: 11-6
Preseason Baltimore Win Total: 9.5

Sept. 11 at New York Jets Win
Sept. 18 Miami Dolphins  Loss
Sept. 25 at New England Patriots Win
Oct. 2 Buffalo Bills Win
Oct. 9 Cincinnati Bengals Win
Oct. 16 at New York Giants Win
Oct. 23 Cleveland Browns  Loss
Oct. 27 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win
Nov. 7 at New Orleans Saints  Loss
Nov. 20 Carolina Panthers Win
Nov. 27 at Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Dec. 4 Denver Broncos Win
Dec. 11 at Pittsburgh Steelers  Loss
Dec. 18 at Cleveland Browns  Loss
Dec. 24 Arizona Cardinals Win
Jan. 1 Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Jan. 8 at Cincinnati Bengals  Loss

Cincinnati Bengals

Predicted Record: 10-7
Preseason Cincinnati Win Total: 9.5

Sept. 11 Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Sept. 18 at Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Sept. 25 at New York Jets Win
Sept. 29 Miami Dolphins Win
Oct. 9 at Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Oct. 16 at New Orleans Saints  Loss
Oct. 23 Atlanta Falcons Win
Oct. 31 at Cleveland Browns Win
Nov. 6 Carolina Panthers Win
Nov. 20 at Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Nov. 27 at Tennessee Titans  Loss
Dec. 4 Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Dec. 11 at Cleveland Browns Win
Dec. 18 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Dec. 24 New England Patriots  Loss
Jan. 2 Buffalo Bills Win
Jan. 8 Baltimore Ravens Win

Cleveland Browns

Predicted Record: 6-11
Preseason Cleveland Win Total: 7-10

Sept. 11 at Carolina Panthers  Loss
Sept. 18 New York Jets  Loss
Sept. 22 Pittsburgh Steelers  Loss
Oct. 2 at Atlanta Falcons Win
Oct. 9 Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Oct. 16 New England Patriots  Loss
Oct. 23 at Baltimore Ravens Win
Oct. 31 Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Nov. 13 at Miami Dolphins Win
Nov. 20 at Buffalo Bills  Loss
Nov. 27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Dec. 4 at Houston Texans  Loss
Dec. 11 at Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Dec. 18 Baltimore Ravens Win
Dec. 24 New Orleans Saints Win
Jan. 1 at Washington Commanders Win
Jan. 8 at Pittsburgh Steelers  Loss

Pittsburgh Steelers

Predicted Record: 7-10
Preseason Win Total: 7.5

Sept. 11 at Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Sept. 18 New England Patriots  Loss
Sept. 22 at Cleveland Browns Win
Oct. 2 New York Jets Win
Oct. 9 at Buffalo Bills  Loss
Oct. 16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Oct. 23 at Miami Dolphins  Loss
Oct. 30 at Philadelphia Eagles  Loss
Nov. 13 New Orleans Saints Win
Nov. 20 Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Nov. 28 at Indianapolis Colts  Loss
Dec. 4 at Atlanta Falcons Win
Dec. 11 Baltimore Ravens Win
Dec. 18 at Carolina Panthers  Loss
Dec. 24 Las Vegas Raiders Win
Jan. 1 at Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Jan. 8 Cleveland Browns Win

NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

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AFC South Preseason Predictions

Predicted AFC South Finish

T1. Indianapolis
T1. Tennessee
T3. Houston
T3. Jacksonville

Houston Texans

Predicted Record: 5-12
Preseason Houston Win Total: 4.5

Sept. 11 Indianapolis Colts Loss
Sept. 18 at Denver Broncos Loss
Sept. 25 at Chicago Bears  Loss
Oct. 2 Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Oct. 9 at Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Oct. 23 Las Vegas Raiders  Loss
Oct. 30 Tennessee Titans  Loss
Nov. 3 Philadelphia Eagles Win
Nov. 13 New York Giants  Loss
Nov. 20 Washington Commanders Win
Nov. 27 Miami Dolphins  Loss
Dec. 4 Cleveland Browns Win
Dec. 11 Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Dec. 18 Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Dec. 25 Tennessee Titans  Loss
Jan. 1 Jacksonville Jaguars  Loss
Jan. 8 Indianapolis Colts Win

Indianapolis Colts

Predicted Record: 9-8
Preseason Indianapolis Win Total: 9.5

Sept. 11 at Houston Texans Win
Sept. 18 at Jacksonville Jaguars  Loss
Sept. 25 Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Oct. 2 Tennessee Titans Win
Oct. 6 at Denver Broncos  Loss
Oct. 16 Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Oct. 23 at Tennessee Titans  Loss
Oct. 30 Washington Commanders Win
Nov. 6 at New England Patriots  Loss
Nov. 13 at Las Vegas Raiders  Loss
Nov. 20 Philadelphia Eagles Win
Nov. 28 Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Dec. 4 at Dallas Cowboys Win
Dec. 18 at Minnesota Vikings Win
Dec. 26 Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Jan. 1 at New York Giants Win
Jan. 8 Houston Texans  Loss

Jacksonville Jaguars

Predicted Record: 5-12
Preseason Jacksonville Win Total: 

Sept. 11 at Washington Commanders  Loss
Sept. 18 Indianapolis Colts Win
Sept. 25 at Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Oct. 2 at Philadelphia Eagles  Loss
Oct. 10 Houston Texans  Loss
Oct. 16 at Indianapolis Colts  Loss
Oct. 23 New York Giants Win
Oct. 30 Denver Broncos in London  Loss
Nov. 6 Las Vegas Raiders  Loss
Nov. 13 at Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Nov. 27 Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Dec. 4 at Detroit Lions  Loss
Dec. 11 at Tennessee Titans Win
Dec. 18 Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Dec. 22 at New York Jets  Loss
Jan. 1 at Houston Texans Win
Jan. 8 Tennessee Titans Win

Tennessee Titans

Predicted Record: 9-8
Preseason Tennessee Win Total: 9.5

Sept. 11 New York Giants Win
Sept. 18 at Buffalo Bills  Loss
Sept. 25 Las Vegas Raiders Win
Oct. 2 at Indianapolis Colts  Loss
Oct. 9 at Washington Commanders Win
Oct. 23 Indianapolis Colts Win
Oct. 30 at Houston Texans Win
Nov. 6 at Kansas City Chiefs Win
Nov. 13 Denver Broncos  Loss
Nov. 17 at Green Bay Packers Win
Nov. 27 Cincinnati Bengals Win
Dec. 4 at Philadelphia Eagles  Loss
Dec. 11 Jacksonville Jaguars  Loss
Dec. 18 at Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Dec. 24 Houston Texans Win
Dec. 29 Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Jan. 8 at Jacksonville Jaguars  Loss

NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

NEXT: AFC West Preseason Predictions

AFC West Preseason Predictions

Predicted AFC West Finish

1. Kansas City
2. Denver
3. Los Angeles Chargers
4. Las Vegas

Denver Broncos

Predicted Record: 11-6
Preseason Denver Win Total: 10.5

Sept. 12 at Seattle Seahawks Win
Sept. 18 Houston Texans Win
Sept. 25 San Francisco 49ers Win
Oct. 2 at Las Vegas Raiders  Loss
Oct. 6 Indianapolis Colts Win
Oct. 17 at Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Oct. 23 New York Jets Win
Oct. 30 Jacksonville Jaguars in London Win
Nov. 13 at Tennessee Titans Win
Nov. 20 Las Vegas Raiders Win
Nov. 27 at Carolina Panthers  Loss
Dec. 4 at Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Dec. 11 Kansas City Chiefs Win
Dec. 18 Arizona Cardinals Win
Dec. 25 at Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Jan. 1 at Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Jan. 8 Los Angeles Chargers Win

Kansas City Chiefs

Predicted Record: 12-5
Preseason Kansas City Win Total: 10.5

Sept. 11 at Arizona Cardinals Win
Sept. 15 Los Angeles Chargers Win
Sept. 25 at Indianapolis Colts Win
Oct. 2 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Oct. 10 Las Vegas Raiders Win
Oct. 16 Buffalo Bills Win
Oct. 23 at San Francisco 49ers Win
Nov. 6 Tennessee Titans  Loss
Nov. 13 Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Nov. 20 at Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Nov. 27 Los Angeles Rams Win
Dec. 4 at Cincinnati Bengals Win
Dec. 11 at Denver Broncos  Loss
Dec. 18 at Houston Texans Win
Dec. 24 Seattle Seahawks Win
Jan. 1 Denver Broncos Win
Jan. 8 at Las Vegas Raiders  Loss

Las Vegas Raiders

Predicted Record: 9-8
Preseason Las Vegas Win Total: 8.5

Sept. 11 at Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Sept. 18 Arizona Cardinals Win
Sept. 25 at Tennessee Titans  Loss
Oct. 2 Denver Broncos Win
Oct. 10 at Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Oct. 23 Houston Texans Win
Oct. 30 at New Orleans Saints  Loss
Nov. 6 at Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Nov. 13 Indianapolis Colts Win
Nov. 20 at Denver Broncos  Loss
Nov. 27 at Seattle Seahawks Win
Dec. 4 Los Angeles Chargers Win
Dec. 8 at Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Dec. 18 New England Patriots Win
Dec. 24 at Pittsburgh Steelers  Loss
Jan. 1 San Francisco 49ers Win
Jan. 8 Kansas City Chiefs Win

Los Angeles Chargers

Predicted Record: 10-7
Preseason Los Angeles Win Total: 10.5

Sept. 11 Las Vegas Raiders Win
Sept. 15 at Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Sept. 25 Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Oct. 2 at Houston Texans Win
Oct. 9 at Cleveland Browns Loss
Oct. 17 Denver Broncos Win
Oct. 23 Seattle Seahawks Win
Nov. 6 at Atlanta Falcons Win
Nov. 13 at San Francisco 49ers  Loss
Nov. 20 Kansas City Chiefs Win
Nov. 27 at Arizona Cardinals Win
Dec. 4 at Las Vegas Raiders  Loss
Dec. 11 Miami Dolphins  Loss
Dec. 18 Tennessee Titans Win
Dec. 26 at Indianapolis Colts Win
Jan. 1 Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Jan. 8 at Denver Broncos  Loss

NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

NEXT: NFC East Preseason Predictions

NFC East Preseason Predictions

Predicted NFC East Finish

1. Dallas
2. Philadelphia
T3. New York Giants
T4. Washington

Dallas Cowboys

Predicted Record: 10-7
Preseason Dallas Win Total: 10.5

Sept. 11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win
Sept. 18 Cincinnati Bengals Win
Sept. 26 at New York Giants Win
Oct. 2 Washington Commanders Win
Oct. 9 at Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Oct. 16 at Philadelphia Eagles  Loss
Oct. 23 Detroit Lions  Loss
Oct. 30 Chicago Bears Win
Nov. 13 at Green Bay Packers  Loss
Nov. 20 at Minnesota Vikings  Loss
Nov. 24 New York Giants Win
Dec. 4 Indianapolis Colts  Loss
Dec. 11 Houston Texans Win
Dec. 18 at Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Dec. 24 Philadelphia Eagles Win
De., 29 at Tennessee Titans Win
Jan. 8 at Washington Commanders  Loss

New York Giants

Predicted Record: 6-11
Preseason New York Win Total: 7.5

Sept. 11 at Tennessee Titans  Loss
Sept. 18 Carolina Panthers  Loss
Sept. 26 Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Oct. 2 Chicago Bears Win
Oct. 9 Green Bay Packers in London  Loss
Oct. 16 Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Oct. 23 at Jacksonville Jaguars  Loss
Oct. 30 at Seattle Seahawks Win
Nov. 13 Houston Texans Win
Nov. 20 Detroit Lions Win
Nov. 24 at Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Dec. 4 Washington Commanders Win
Dec. 11 Philadelphia Eagles Win
Dec. 18 at Washington Commanders  Loss
Dec. 24 at Minnesota Vikings  Loss
Jan. 1 Indianapolis Colts  Loss
Jan. 8 at Philadelphia Eagles  Loss

Philadelphia Eagles

Predicted Record: 9-8
Preseason Philadelphia Win Total: 9.5

Sept. 11 at Detroit Lions Win
Sept. 18 Minnesota Vikings  Loss
Sept. 25 at Washington Commanders  Loss
Oct. 2 Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Oct. 9 at Arizona Cardinals  Loss
Oct. 16 Dallas Cowboys Win
Oct. 30 Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Nov. 3 at Houston Texans  Loss
Nov. 14 Washington Commanders Win
Nov. 20 at Indianapolis Colts  Loss
Nov. 27 Green Bay Packers  Loss
Dec. 4 Tennessee Titans Win
Dec. 11 at New York Giants  Loss
Dec. 18 at Chicago Bears Win
Dec. 24 at Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Jan. 1 New Orleans Saints Win
Jan. 8 New York Giants Wins

Washington Commanders

Predicted Record: 6-11
Preseason Washington Win Total: 7.5

Sept. 11 Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Sept. 18 at Detroit Lions  Loss
Sept. 25 Philadelphia Eagles Win
Oct. 2 at Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Oct. 9 Tennessee Titans  Loss
Oct. 13 at Chicago Bears  Loss
Oct. 23 Green Bay Packers  Loss
Oct. 30 at Indianapolis Colts  Loss
Nov. 6 Minnesota Vikings Win
Nov. 14 at Philadelphia Eagles  Loss
Nov. 20 at Houston Texans  Loss
Nov. 27 Atlanta Falcons Win
Dec. 4 at New York Giants  Loss
Dec. 18 New York Giants Win
Dec. 24 at San Francisco 49ers  Loss
Jan. 1 Cleveland Browns  Loss
Jan. 8 Dallas Cowboys Win

NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

NEXT: NFC North Preseason Predictions

NFC North Preseason Predictions

Predicted NFC North Finish

1. Green Bay
2. Minnesota
3. Detroit
4. Chicago

Chicago Bears

Predicted Record: 6-11
Preseason Chicago Win Total: 6.5

Sept. 11 San Francisco 49ers  Loss
Sept. 18 at Green Bay Packers  Loss
Sept. 25 Houston Texans Win
Oct. 2 at New York Giants  Loss
Oct. 9 at Minnesota Vikings  Loss
Oct. 13 Washington Commanders
Oct. 24 at New England Patriots  Loss
Oct. 30 at Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Nov. 6 Miami Dolphins Win
Nov. 13 Detroit Lions Win
Nov. 20 at Atlanta Falcons  Loss
Nov. 27 at New York Jets  Loss
Dec. 4 Green Bay Packers Win
Dec. 18 Philadelphia Eagles  Loss
Dec. 24 Buffalo Bills  Loss
Jan. 1 at Detroit Lions Win
Jan. 8 Minnesota Vikings  Loss

Detroit Lions

Predicted Record: 7-10
Preseason Detroit Win Total: 6.5

Sept. 11 Philadelphia Eagles  Loss
Sept. 18 Washington Commanders Win
Sept. 25 at Minnesota Vikings  Loss
Oct. 2 Seattle Seahawks Win
Oct. 9 at New England Patriots  Loss
Oct. 23 at Dallas Cowboys Win
Oct. 30 Miami Dolphins Win
Nov. 6 Green Bay Packers  Loss
Nov. 13 at Chicago Bears  Loss
Nov. 20 at New York Giants  Loss
Nov. 24 Buffalo Bills  Loss
Dec. 4 Jacksonville Jaguars Win
Dec. 11 Minnesota Vikings Win
Dec. 18 at New York Jets  Loss
Dec. 24 at Carolina Panthers Win
Jan. 1 Chicago Bears  Loss
Jan. 8 at Green Bay Packers  Loss

Green Bay Packers

Predicted Record: 11-6
Preseason Green Bay Win Total: 10.5

Sept. 11 at Minnesota Vikings  Loss
Sept. 18 Chicago Bears Win
Sept. 25 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Oct. 2 New England Patriots Win
Oct. 9 New York Giants in London Win
Oct. 16 New York Jets Win
Oct. 23 at Washington Commanders Win
Oct. 30 at Buffalo Bills  Loss
Nov. 6 at Detroit Lions Win
Nov. 13 Dallas Cowboys Win
Nov. 17 Tennessee Titans  Loss
Nov. 27 at Philadelphia Eagles Win
Dec. 4 at Chicago Bears  Loss
Dec. 19 Los Angeles Rams Win
Dec. 25 at Miami Dolphins  Loss
Jan. 1 Minnesota Vikings Win
Jan. 8 Detroit Lions Win

Minnesota Vikings

Predicted Record: 9-8
Preseason Minnesota Win Total: 9.5

Sept. 11 Green Bay Packers Win
Sept. 19 at Philadelphia Eagles Win
Sept. 25 Detroit Lions Win
Oct. 2 New Orleans Saints in London  Loss
Oct. 9 Chicago Bears Win
Oct. 16 at Miami Dolphins  Loss
Oct. 30 Arizona Cardinals  Loss
Nov. 6 at Washington Commanders  Loss
Nov. 13 at Buffalo Bills  Loss
Nov. 20 Dallas Cowboys Win
Nov. 24 New England Patriots Win
Dec. 4 New York Jets Win
Dec. 11 at Detroit Lions  Loss
Dec. 18 Indianapolis Colts  Loss
Dec. 24 New York Giants Win
Jan. 1 at Green Bay Packers  Loss
Jan. 8 at Chicago Bears Win

NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

NEXT: NFC South Preseason Predictions

NFC South Preseason Predictions

Predicted NFC South Finish

1. Tampa Bay
2. New Orleans
3. Carolina
4. Atllanta

Carolina Panthers

Predicted Record: 7-10
Preseason Carolina Win Total: 6.5

Sept. 11 Cleveland Browns Win
Sept. 18 at New York Giants Win
Sept. 25 New Orleans Saints  Loss
Oct. 2 Arizona Cardinals Win
Oct. 9 San Francisco 49ers  Loss
Oct. 16 at Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Oct. 23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Oct. 30 at Atlanta Falcons  Loss
Nov. 6 at Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Nov. 10 Atlanta Falcons Win
Nov. 20 at Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Nov. 27 Denver Broncos Win
Dec. 11 at Seattle Seahawks Win
Dec. 18 Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Dec. 24 Detroit Lions  Loss
Jan. 1 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Jan. 8 at New Orleans Saints  Loss

New Orleans Saints

Predicted Record: 9-8
Preseason New Orleans Win Total: 8.5

Sept. 11 at Atlanta Falcons Win
Sept. 18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Sept. 25 at Carolina Panthers Win
Oct. 2 Minnesota Vikings in London Win
Oct. 9 Seattle Seahawks Loss
Oct. 16 Cincinnati Bengals Win
Oct. 20 at Arizona Cardinals  Loss
Oct. 30 Las Vegas Raiders Win
Nov. 7 Baltimore Ravens Win 
Nov. 13 at Pittsburgh Steelers  Loss
Nov. 20 Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Nov. 27 at San Francisco 49ers Win
Dec. 5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win
Dec. 18 Atlanta Falcons Win
Dec. 24 at Cleveland Browns  Loss
Jan. 1 at Philadelphia Eagles  Loss
Jan. 8 Carolina Panthers Win

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Predicted Record: 12-5
Preseason Tampa Bay Win Total: 11.5

Sept. 11 at Dallas Cowboys  Loss
Sept. 18 at New Orleans Saints Win
Sept. 25 Green Bay Packers Win
Oct. 2 Kansas City Chiefs Win
Oct. 9 Atlanta Falcons Win
Oct. 16 at Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Oct. 23 at Carolina Panthers Win
Oct. 27 Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Nov. 6 Los Angeles Rams Win
Nov. 13 Seattle Seahawks in London Win
Nov. 27 at Cleveland Browns Win
Dec. 5 New Orleans Saints Win
Dec. 11 at San Francisco 49ers  Loss
Dec. 18 Cincinnati Bengals Win
Dec. 25 at Arizona Cardinals  Loss
Jan. 1 Carolina Panthers Win
Jan. 8 at Atlanta Falcons  Loss

Atlanta Falcons

Predicted Record: 3-14
Preseason Atlanta Win Total: 4

Sept. 11 New Orleans Saints  Loss
Sept. 18 at Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Sept. 25 at Seattle Seahawks  Loss
Oct. 2 Cleveland Browns  Loss
Oct. 9 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Oct. 16 San Francisco 49ers  Loss
Oct. 23 at Cincinnati Bengals  Loss
Oct. 30 Carolina Panthers Win
Nov. 6 Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Nov. 10 at Carolina Panthers  Loss
Nov. 20 Chicago Bears Win
Nov. 27 at Washington Commanders  Loss
Dec. 4 Pittsburgh Steelers  Loss
Dec. 18 at New Orleans Saints  Loss
Dec. 24 at Baltimore Ravens  Loss
Jan. 1 Arizona Cardinals  Loss
Jan. 8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win

NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

NEXT: NFC West Preseason Predictions

NFC West Preseason Predictions

Predicted NFC West Finish

T1. Los Angeles Rams
T1. San Francisco
3. Arizona
4. Seattle

Arizona Cardinals

Predicted Record: 8-9
Preseason Arizona Win Total: 8.5

Sept. 11 Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Sept. 18 at Las Vegas Raiders  Loss
Sept. 25 Los Angeles Rams Win
Oct. 2 at Carolina Panthers  Loss
Oct. 9 Philadelphia Eagles Win
Oct. 16 Seattle Seahawks  Loss
Oct. 20 New Orleans Saints Win
Oct. 30 at Minnesota Vikings Win
Nov. 6 Seattle Seahawks Win
Nov. 13 at Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Nov. 21 San Francisco 49ers in Mexico  Loss
Nov. 27 Los Angeles Chargers  Loss
Dec. 12 New England Patriots Win
Dec. 18 at Denver Broncos  Loss
Dec. 25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win
Jan. 1 at Atlanta Falcons Win
Jan. 7 at San Francisco 49ers  Loss

Los Angeles Rams

Predicted Record: 11-6
Preseason Los Angeles Win Total: 10.5

Sept. 8 Buffalo Bills Win
Sept. 18 Atlanta Falcons Win
Sept. 25 at Arizona Cardinals  Loss
Oct. 3 at San Francisco 49ers  Loss
Oct. 9 Dallas Cowboys Win
Oct. 16 Carolina Panthers Win
Oct. 30 San Francisco 49ers Win
Nov. 6 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Loss
Nov. 13 Arizona Cardinals Win
Nov. 20 at New Orleans Saints Win
Nov. 27 at Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Dec. 4 Seattle Seahawks Win
Dec. 8 Las Vegas Raiders Win
Dec. 19 at Green Bay Packers  Loss
Dec. 25 Denver Broncos Win
Jan. 1 at Los Angeles Chargers Win
Jan. 7 at Seattle Seahawks Win

San Francisco 49ers

Predicted Record: 11-6
Preseason San Francisco Win Total: 8.5

Sept. 11 at Chicago Bears Win
Sept. 18 Seattle Seahawks Win
Sept. 25 at Denver Broncos  Loss
Oct. 2 Los Angeles Rams Win
Oct. 9 at Carolina Panthers Win
Oct. 16 at Atlanta Falcons Win
Oct. 23 Kansas City Chiefs  Loss
Oct. 30 at Los Angeles Rams  Loss
Nov. 13 Los Angeles Chargers Win
Nov. 21 Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City Win
Nov. 27 New Orleans Saints Loss
Dec. 4 Miami Dolphins Win
Dec. 11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win
Dec. 15 at Seattle Seahawks  Loss
Dec. 24 Washington Commanders Win
Jan. 1 at Las Vegas Raiders Loss
Jan. 8 Arizona Cardinals Win

Seattle Seahawks

Predicted Record: 5-12
Preseason Seattle Win Total: 5.5

Sept. 12 Denver Broncos Loss
Sept. 18 at San Francisco 49ers Loss
Sept. 25 Atlanta Falcons Win
Oct. 2 at Detroit Lions Loss
Oct. 9 at New Orleans Saints Win
Oct. 16 Arizona Cardinals Win
Oct. 23 at Los Angeles Chargers Loss
Oct. 30 New York Giants Loss
Nov. 6 at Arizona Cardinals Loss
Nov. 13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London Loss
Nov. 27 Las Vegas Raiders Loss
Dec. 4 at Los Angeles Rams Loss
Dec. 11 Carolina Panthers Win
Dec. 15 San Francisco 49ers Win
Dec. 24 at Kansas City Chiefs Loss
Jan. 1 New York Jets Win
Jan. 8 Los Angeles Rams Loss

NFL Predictions For Every Game
AFC East | North | South | West
NFC East | North | South | West
2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions

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