Which NFL Wild Card Weekend game is most compelling? | What Are The Odds?

In What Are The Odds? presented by Caesars Sportsbook, Mark Malusis. John Jastremski and Sal Licata look ahead to the 2021-22 NFL Wild Card Weekend. They share their thoughts which game they're most excited about. JJ goes the nostalgic route with the San Francisco 49ers in Big D to play the Dallas Cowboys while Sal is pumped to see if Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots can pull off an upset on the road against the Buffalo Bills. Watch more What Are the Odds: https://sny.tv/shows/what-are-the-odds About What Are The Odds?: What Are The Odds combines sports betting with entertaining, engaging and insightful sports discussion. With talent from BNNY, FNNY and other SNY shows we create conversational sports betting content while still delivering the same impactful topics New York sports fans are used to.