NFL to play Christmas doubleheader … on Wednesday

The fact Christmas falls in the middle of the week won’t deter the NFL from playing on the holiday in 2024.

It was announced on Wednesday there will be a Christmas doubleheader despite it taking place on a Wednesday.

The league does have a plan for the teams involved so it won’t be what it perceives as a tough turnaround.

“From what we’ve seen the last couple years is really some unprecedent growth, and not just on Christmas, on Thanksgiving, too,” Hans Schroeder, NFL executive vice president of media distribution explained Tuesday. “The last couple of years have had the highest-regular season game ever viewed in the regular season. That mindset, that opportunity, that belief we have that football brings people together — that’s even truer on these big holidays that happen throughout the year.

“When we saw the viewership from this past year, really our fans spoke. We certainly saw and believe that they are very much enjoying and wanting NFL football on Christmas. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to play a couple of games, like we’ve typically played for well over a decade, probably more than that, on Saturday of Week 16, and then come back and play a couple of games on Christmas Day on Wednesday.”

This means the only day of the week in the 2024 season a game is not scheduled is Tuesday.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire