NFL owners meetings to consider interesting rule changes

The Commanders ownership is so central for Commanders fans; however, at the NFL owners meetings this weekend, it is some rule changes proposals that are going to bring the most energetic discussions/debates.

Some proposals simply don’t matter very much, and we can go with or without them and not lose any sleep whatsoever.

Is tripping going to become a personal foul? Will a touchback following a punt now be returned to the 25 instead of the historical 20-yard line?

There will even be a discussion on whether the numeral zero can be used on jerseys (yawn).

However, the discussion concerning onside kicks will no doubt generate much more interest. The Eagles are proposing “to permit a team to maintain possession of the ball after a score by substituting one offensive play (4th-and-20 from the kicking team’s 20-yard line) for an onside kickoff attempt”.

Isn’t this much more entertaining than the current mess the NFL has made of the onside kick? They have virtually made it nearly impossible for the kicking team to recover a kick, requiring those on the kicking unit not run forward until after the ball is kicked.

Also of more interest, the Rams are proposing to make fouls for roughing the passer called on the field subject to replay assist and/or review by a coach’s challenge. Remember last year the horrible calls officials made of roughing the passer?

The Lions are proposing to expand the coaches’ challenge system to include personal fouls called on the field and also to provide clubs with more opportunities for a third challenge. Both of these moves would have impacting ramifications.

The Texans want to expand the replay official’s jurisdiction to allow for review on failed fourth-down attempts.

Yes, these team proposals will be of much more interest for fans next season. For any new rule proposal to be adopted, it must receive 75 percent or 24 of 32 votes.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire