NFL owners don't vote on Chiefs' proposed overtime changes due to lack of support

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The Kansas City Chiefs wanted to tweak the NFL’s overtime rules once again, but their proposal has fallen flat.

There is another round of league meetings being held in Florida currently, and reporters at the meetings reported Wednesday morning that there was no vote taken on the Chiefs’ proposal.

Not enough support to move forward

The current overtime format, adopted in 2010, is a modified sudden death and calls for each team to get possession in OT, unless the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown.

The New England Patriots won the AFC championship in January, beating the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime. (AP)
The New England Patriots won the AFC championship in January, beating the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime. (AP)

You likely remember the impetus for Kansas City wanting the overtime rule change: In January’s AFC championship, the New England Patriots got the ball first, faced third-and-10 three times, converted all three on the drive, and scored the game-winning touchdown.

The Chiefs and their fans were up in arms that league MVP Patrick Mahomes didn’t get a chance to possess the ball, conveniently forgetting that football is a team sport and Kansas City’s defense allowed three third-and-long conversions.

So the team proposed that both teams get a possession no matter what in overtime. It was tabled during the March league meetings in Phoenix, and now has been delayed again because of lack of support from owners.

Change for postseason games could be considered

But it doesn’t sound like the idea is dead. NFL Network’s Judy Battista tweeted that Competition Committee chair Rich McKay said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell challenged the group to consider what changes could be made to overtime for the postseason.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post tweeted that the Chiefs are expected to re-submit the proposal in 2020.

McKay added that the support to modify overtime for the postseason could be there, but isn’t right now.

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