NFL: No update or timeline on ongoing Daniel Snyder investigation

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On Tuesday, the NBA imposed a significant punishment on Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver. The NBA’s handling of the situation gave the NFL a lesson in transparency, as it relates to the past investigation of the Washington Commanders and owner Daniel Snyder.

But the NFL isn’t completely finished with Snyder, even if there isn’t much transparency about where things stand. A February roundtable hearing before the House Oversight Committee resulted in two new allegations against Snyder, prompting the decision to retain attorney Mary Joe White to investigate.

In a media conference call conducted on Wednesday, league spokesman Jeff Miller said that there is “no update or timeline at this point” regarding White’s investigation. Miller also said that Commissioner Roger Goodell will “have a discussion with Dan at the appropriate time.”

Time is the appropriate word on which to focus. Seven months have passed since the new allegations surfaced. How much time should it take to reach a conclusion?

Snyder’s status with the team continues to be vague. Congress continues to investigate the situation. At some point, White will need to reach a conclusion, and the league will need to make some decisions.

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