NFL has no minimum temperature for outdoor game

The NFL will delay, postpone, or even relocate games for certain types of weather events.

But not for cold.

According to the NFL, there is no threshold minimum temperature below which games won't be played. Which means that, no matter how cold it's supposed to get for any game, the show must go on.

That will happen, of course, until the NFL goes forward with a game that results in widespread cases of frostbite or hypothermia. There are temperatures at which it's possible, if not inevitable.

Presumably, the league would be ready to act in the event that extreme and unsafe temperatures were forecast for a given game. At some point, local officials could intervene — or refuse to provide support in the form of first responders.

Regardless, Dolphins-Chiefs will happen on Saturday night, even as the temperature at kickoff dips below zero and the wind chill approaches or exceeds 30 below.

Via Sports Business Journal, the NFL struck a deal with Dragon Seats to provide a dozen heated benches for the game, with each team getting six. Folks in the stands will have no such luxury.

So bundle up well, if you're going to the game.