Ryan Fitzpatrick wins Washington's 'first day of preschool' photo post in way only he can

The Washington Football Team is sending first day vibes the only way the younger generation knows how: a chalkboard sign.

The team opened its third phase of organized team activities (OTAs) on Tuesday with players in town for meetings and workouts. The social media team honored the milestone by having the players share the standard preschool introduction: year, teacher, height and friendships.

Terry McLaurin and the young ones are into it. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not.

Fitzpatrick takes the cake here. He's the teenager who is absolutely done with his parents forcing a first day photo on him before he heads off to high school. He knows these photos are coming back for a collage at his graduation party and he hates it.

This will become the next great meme, and we're here for it. Year 17 was not supposed to go down like this.

You can imagine there's someone behind the camera bellowing at him, "Ryan! Smile!" before sighing, "I guess that will do."

It has to be hurtful that Fitzpatrick listed McLaurin as one of his best friends, while the wide receiver didn't list him back. But as the new guy, at last Fitzpatrick has made some lasting connections.

Meanwhile, McLaurin, who listed all of his wide receivers as his besties, must live by the mantra that a best friend isn't a person, it's a tier.

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