NFL Network will show Arena Football and OT7 seven-on-seven league

NFL Network will be expanding the kind of football it shows this year.

Games from the Arena Football League and the OT7 seven-on-seven league will be shown on the NFL-owned cable channel as well as the NFL+ streaming service.

Arena football, which has been played in different forms since 1987, is an indoor game played on a shorter, narrower field. The Arena Football League is relaunching this year under new ownership.

OT7 features high schoolers playing seven-on-seven touch football, with 30 teams playing more than 200 games over a five-week schedule.

NFL Network's coverage of OT7 begins on Saturday, April 6, and continues through May 5. Its arena football broadcasts will begin as soon as the 2024 NFL draft ends: The first Arenal Football League game the network shows will air on Saturday night, April 27, hours after the draft ends.