NFL, Kaepernick camp at odds over whether list of workout attendees was promised

Mike Florio

The Colin Kaepernick workout isn’t going well, and it hasn’t even started yet.

The unprecedented Pro Day workout for a 32-year-old quarterback has resulted in an avalanche of media reports. Not surprisingly, some of them conflict.

Earlier today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that “[a]fter initially agreeing to provide the list of personnel executives and coaches that would attend Colin Kaepernick’s workout, the NFL has reversed course and said it will not.” An NFL source insists to PFT that the league never promised to provide list of attendees to Kaepernick workout.

Schefter has updated his initial report, which clearly came from Kaepernick’s camp, to include the later report, which (as noted) comes from an NFL source. It’s a common casualty of instant-gratification news reporting, when developments regarding contested matters are published before competitors can press “tweet” — and thus before the other side’s position is ascertained.

On this point, the battle lines are drawn: Kaepernick’s representatives believe a promise to provide a list of attendees was made, and the league insists it wasn’t. The schism suggests that plenty of other issues and disputes and problems may emerge as Kaepernick and the NFL move pieces on the chess board in advance of what ultimately could be another grievance regarding the ongoing shun of a quarterback who defied the league by protesting during the national anthem, and by making all other players aware of their right to do the same.

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