NFL futures: Do you believe in the Raiders' rebuilding plan?

With Wednesday night's NFL schedule release — and all the schedules that have already leaked — there’s no better time to look at some season win totals that caught our eye.

The totals look a little weird now with the addition of another regular season game, and it feels like that’ll take a little time to get used to. But still, we’re seeing some value on the board at BetMGM.

NFL futures we like

Las Vegas Raiders under 7 (-110): Entering Year 4 of the Jon Gruden Era, and it’s clear there is still no plan. The draft was a nightmare as the team kept reaching for players, and the franchise has been drafting and signing defensive backs for four years and the defensive backfield is still one of the team’s major trouble spots. The offensive line is being reconstructed on the fly, but really, can you have any confidence in what Gruden and the Raiders are doing? We feel pretty good about this team being unable to go 7-10, especially with the Chiefs being the Chiefs, and the Chargers and Broncos improving in the AFC West.

Washington Football Team over 8 (-140): There is a lot to like about the WFT: The NFC East is far from great, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is in the house, the team has excellent offensive skill players in RB Antonio Gibson, WR Terry McLaurin and TE Logan Thomas, and the front seven is legit. The addition of free-agent WR Curtis Samuel should also boost an offense that will no longer be a drag to a fierce and improving defense.

Buffalo Bills over 10.5 (-150): This is a team on the rise in yet another awful division. Yes, Miami appears to be improving in the AFC East, but QB Tua Tagovailoa remains a massive question mark. The Pats and Jets aren’t scaring anyone. The Bills look at the game analytically — they won’t even pretend to run the ball if they don’t need to — and appear to be building the right way. And don’t be scared by the 10.5 total. It looks high, but mostly because we are used to seeing numbers from the old 16-game regular season.

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