NFL fines Stephen Sullivan, not D.J. Moore, for removing helmet

After 25 years, the evidence continues to mount in support of a nonsensical loophole to the rule against players removing helmets.

Per NFL Media, the league did not fine Panthers receiver D.J. Moore for removing his helmet after scoring a touchdown in the final 30 seconds of regulation on Sunday in Atlanta. However, the league did fine Panthers tight end Stephen Sullivan for removing his helmet during the same play.

This decision bolsters the notion, as suggested by NFL senior V.P. of football administration Perry Fewell, that there’s an easy way to avoid application of the rule. A player who scores a touchdown and runs beyond the end zone can remove his helmet and celebrate.

That was never intended by the NFL, as one source familiar with the rule and its history explained it recently to PFT. It allows a player to do that which the NFL doesn’t want it to do by simply getting beyond the back line of the end zone and doing it.

And if players start doing it, and not getting flagged for it, it’s just a matter of time before the language of rule changes to eliminate the loophole and to reflect the spirit of the rule from its inception.

NFL fines Stephen Sullivan, not D.J. Moore, for removing helmet originally appeared on Pro Football Talk