NFL fines Alvin Kamara $5,000 for Christmas cleats

Mike Florio
·1 min read

As expected, Saints running back Alvin Kamara will be making an involuntary contribution to the NFL’s version of the Human Fund.

According to NFL Media, the NFL has find Kamara $5,000 for wearing non-conforming cleats during the Christmas Day game against the Vikings. While wearing those shoes, Kamara (who compared the eventual punishment to the Grinch trying to steal Christmas) became the first player to score six touchdowns in a game since Bears running back Gale Sayers in 1965.

And so the Hall of Fame surely will want to display those cleats. Kamara, frankly, should decline to loan them to the museum in Canton unless and until the fine is rescinded. Or, alternatively, he should charge the Hall of Fame $5,000 for the privilege of using them.

The league allowed Kamara to wear the cleats for the full game because they did not present a safety or branding issue. It’s still difficult if not impossible to reconcile that approach with the decision in 2019 to compel Browns receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry to change their own non-conforming shoes at halftime of a game.

NFL fines Alvin Kamara $5,000 for Christmas cleats originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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